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 You are the Director of Student Retention for ABC University. You are concerned because your college’s retention rate is among the lowest in the state.  Not only does this reflect poorly on you and your department, it impacts the university’s budget because the state’s funding is partially dictated by graduation rates of the individual colleges and universities.Many students pay only part of the bill each month, thus compounding the original amount charged with interest rates that can be 18% annually, or even higher.  Excessive credit card debt makes it harder for a student to focus on their studies.  In increasing numbers, you see that students are dropping out just to pay off the credit card debt. At the same time, colleges and universities are coming under increasing pressure to improve graduation rates. You have received approval from your boss, Bill Smith, VP of Student Affairs, to research the issue and deliver an oral presentation to the Student Affairs Committee on the need to include a debt-education program in the Student Life event schedule for the coming year.  Document the benefits of such a program.

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Retention Rate | Instant Homework Help
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