Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion

Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion I don’t know how to handle this Health & Medical question and need guidance. Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion 1.Critically read two CLC EBP Projects (other than your own) (ATTACHED). Name one barrier for each that could impact the implementation of the guideline in practice, and explain how you would work through this issue. Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion 2.Discuss what is meant by mixed-methods designs . What are the limitations of mixed-methods designs. MUST INCLUDE REFERENCE AND IN TEXT CITATIONS. 350-450 words each scarif_nur504_10890_module_7_part_iii_clc_assignment.docx jedha_nur504_lo890_week_7_ebp_develop_clinical_guideline_and_implementation_plan__1_.docx jedha_nur504_lo890_week_7_ebp_develop_clinical_guideline_and_implementation_plan__1_.docx scarif_nur504_10890_module_7_part_iii_clc_assignment.docx Running head: PATIENT SATISFACTION AND NURSING CERTIFICATION Certified Nurses: Their Impact on Patient Satisfaction Jessica Carlson, Rhonda Hofstrom, Jeannie Reakirt, Jeevan Simon Grand Canyon University: NUR 504 5 September 2018 1 PATIENT SATISFACTION AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 2 Certified Nurses: Their Impact on Patient Satisfaction Nurses can obtain certifications to demonstrate their expert knowledge of a specialty areas. Some examples of nursing certifications include Advanced Oncology Nurse, Certified Pediatric Nurse, Certified Emergency Nurse, and Certified Critical Care Nurse. These specialty areas require a specific skill set to care for the complex medical needs of their patient population. Studies have shown that nursing units with certified nurses have more satisfied patients and less patient care errors. Problem Statement The patient experience is an important focus for health care organizations because it is often linked to the patient’s perceived level of satisfaction. Patient satisfaction survey scores are frequently used by various agencies to measure quality care which determines reimbursement rates for healthcare organizations (Berkowitz, 2016). Identifying innovative and cost-effective ways to improve the health care experience will also help to improve satisfaction scores. Although nursing certification in specialty areas is rising, more can be done by healthcare organizations to encourage and support nurses in their professional development. Research Question Nursing certification provides validation of advanced knowledge and skills that are needed to meet the complex needs of patients in specialty care areas (Boyle, Kramer, Potter, Gatua, & Stobinski, 2014).Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients DiscussionGrand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion. These patients are often in a critical state with increased anxiety and emotional stress. Being able to trust the expertise and have confidence in the ability of their care provider may reduce one’s stress during their hospital stay. Knowing that their nurse has been certified may improve their patient experience. In patients admitted to a specialized nursing unit, what is the effect of nursing certification on patient satisfaction? PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 3 Purpose The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between patient satisfaction and the prevalence of certified nurses on specialized nursing units. A positive correlation would provide evidence to support innovative programs at healthcare organizations to encourage nursing certification. Improved patient satisfaction scores and a reduction in patient care errors will ultimately improve the organizations bottom line. Further research is needed to explore specialty nursing certification and how it relates to patient satisfaction. Literature Review The findings in the literature varied between positive and inconclusive results. According to Beck, Brant, Donohue, Towsley, Berry & Donaldson (2016), no statistically significant relationships existed between certification status and care outcomes. However, Trinkoff, Lerner, Storr, Han, Johantgen & Gartell, (2015) found that in nursing homes led by those with advanced degrees or certifications had better pain control and decreased use of urinary catheters. Another study found a significant relationship between certified critical care nurses and decreased hospital acquired infections (Boev, Xue, & Ingersoll, 2015). Meanwhile, Boyle, Kramer, Potter, Gatua & Stobinski (2014) found a lower incidence of catheter acquired urinary tract infections in both the surgical and peri-operative units. Kehl, (2014) found that certified nurses tailored education towards the education level of the recipient whereas non-certified nurses did not. Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion. Research Synthesis Eight studies on nursing certification and patient satisfaction published between 2013 to the present were identified and examined. A summary of the research findings for all eight studies is included in Appendix A. While some studies showed inconclusive results (Beck et al., PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 4 2016), other studies showed positive patient outcomes to support improve patient satisfaction. Whether it was improved pain control, reduced urinary catheter use, a decrease in hospital acquired infections, or improved patient education and teaching, all of these findings demonstrate significant value of nursing certification to the patient experience (Trinkoff et al., 2015; Biel et al., 2014; Boev et al., 2015; Boyle et al., 2014). Clinical Guideline As a result of the positive findings in the literature review, it is apparent that health care organizations should invest in programs that promote nurse certification. The proposal is the incorporation of nursing certification into the clinical advancement ladder to promote and reward nurses who achieve certification (Burke, Johnson, Sites, & Barnsteiner, 2017). By implementing this proposal, nurses looking to obtain a merit increase during the annual appraisal period will be financially motivated to obtain certification. While most institutions have education reimbursement accounts, not all institutions cover the expenses of nursing certification. In this proposal is a recommendation to expand the current employee education reimbursement policy to include the cost for a preparatory course and cost of the exam, pass or fail, once per employee. This will demonstrate strategic alignment with the organization while minimizing the financial risk to the nurse. The clinical advancement ladder will be re-designed to incorporate Benner’s Novice to Expert nursing theory (Burke et al., 2017). The core values of this theory were utilized to promote patient safety, and enhance job descriptions, interview questions, orientation standards, and performance appraisals (Burke et al., 2017).Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion. Improving patient care outcomes demonstrates a commitment to evidence-based practice (Burke et al., 2017). Implementation Plan PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 5 The implement plan will follow the seven-step Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice to Promote Quality Care. Over a one-year period the advancement ladder will be re-designed and re-implemented in four phases. Phase one will incorporate the first four steps of the Iowa model: 1) “Selecting a Topic,” 2) “Forming a Team,” 3) “Evidence Retrieval,” and 4) “Grading of Evidence.” Phase two will focus on step five, “Developing an EBP Standard.” Phase three will focus on step six, “Implementing the EBP” and phase four with focus on step seven, “Evaluation.” Phase one. In an effort to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, it was proposed that nursing certification would be a reasonable way to improve patient satisfaction and nurse satisfaction at the same time. A team was formed called the Nurse Certification Taskforce (NCT) which included directors, managers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and frontline nurses from each clinical service line. The team conducted a literature review and research synthesis. Sufficient data was obtained to support the initiative and the protocol aligns with the organizations goal to improve patient satisfaction. Phase two. During phase two, the NCT will focus on developing the evidenced-based standard. Obtaining nursing certification can be costly for a nurse which may be a barrier, preventing nurses from pursuing this advanced credential. Costs include fees for preparatory classes, study materials, the exam and continuing education expenses to maintain the certification. Having a program within the organization that supports the initiative by incorporating certification as a component into the clinical advancement ladder, reimbursing employees for fees incurred in obtaining certification and a merit increase during the annual review, would be a innovative strategy to increase certification and positively impact patient satisfaction and patient outcomes.Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion. The NCT will develop an executive summary to present the PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 6 initiative to the senior leadership for consideration that highlights the many returns on investment for approving this plan. Once approved, the presentation will be shared with the nursing leadership to include all directors and managers. Phase three. During the third quarter, the revised clinical advancement model and the enhanced employee reimbursement programs will be shared in various forums including webinars, E-mail communication, and live presentations at the Professional Development Fair. The NCT will organize this event and invite several guest speakers including various certification board representatives and the Chief Nursing Officer to discuss the importance of certification. Materials will be provided with frequent questions and answers, instructions on how to apply for the exam and obtain reimbursement for the associated expenses and information on how to submit proof of obtaining certification before the close of the appraisal period. If the event is not well attended, the fair will be presented on other date and time. Phase four. During the final quarter, the FCT will evaluate the effectiveness of the clinical advancement ladder enhancement and the expansion in the employee reimbursement policy. The NCT will obtain data pre- and post-implementation on patient satisfaction, patient safety incident report frequency, nurse satisfaction, nurse retention rates, and utilization of the employee education reimbursement accounts related to certification. The outcome measure will be improved patient satisfaction measured by Press Ganey patient satisfaction survey scores. Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion These findings will be analyzed quarterly and reported to the shared governance committee to gauge effectiveness. If the results are not favorable, the future of the program will evaluated. Conclusion Nursing certification is a way for nurses to demonstrate their expert knowledge in a specialty area. When a patient is cared for by a certified specialty nurse, there is a reduction in PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 7 errors and increased patient satisfaction. Encouraging nursing certification may be an innovative way for healthcare organizations to improve patient satisfaction. Further research is needed to examine the impact of nursing certification on improved patient satisfaction. PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 8 References Beck, S. L., Brant, J. M., Donohue, R., Smith, E. M., Towsley, G. L., Berry, P. H., … Donaldson, G. (2015, May 12). Oncology nursing certification: Relation to nurses’ knowledge and attitudes about pain, patient-reported pain care quality, and pain outcomes. Oncology Nursing Forum, 43, 67-76. Berkowitz, B. (2016, January 31). The patient experience and patient satisfaction: Measurement of a complex dynamic. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 21, No. 1, Manuscript 1. Biel, M., Grief, L., Patry, L., Ponto, J., & Shirley, M. (2014). The relationship between nursing certification and patient outcomes: A literature review. Retrieved from Boev, C., Xue, Y., & Ingersoll, G. L. (2015). Original article: Nursing job satisfaction, certification and healthcare-associated infections in critical care. Intensive & Critical Care Nursing, 31276-284. doi:10.1016/j.iccn.2015.04.001 Boyle, D. K. (2017). Nursing specialty certification and patient outcomes: What we know in acute care hospitals and future directions. Journal Association of Vascular Access, 22, 137-142. Boyle, D. K., Kramer, E., Potter, C., Gatua, M. W., & Stobinski, J. X. (2014, November). The relationship between direct-care RN specialty certification and surgical patient outcomes. Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), 100, 511-528.Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION Burke, K., Johnson, T., Sites, C., & Barnsteiner, J. (2017, May). Original research creating an evidence-based progression for clinical advancement programs. American Journal of Nursing, 117, 22-35. Kehl, K. A. (2014, December 1). The relationship of patient population and nurses certification status on nurses’ practices in preparing families for the end of life. Journal Hospital Palliative Nursing, 16(8), 1-15. LoBiondo-Wood, G., Brown, C. G., Knobf, M. T., Lyon, D., Mallory, G., Mitchell, S. A., … Fellman, B. (2014, January). Priorities for oncology nursing research: The 2013 national survey. Oncology Nursing Forum, 41, 67-76. Retrieved from Trinkoff, A. M., Lerner, N. B., Storr, C. L., Han, K., Johantgen, M. E., & Gartrell, K. (2015). Leadership education, certification and resident outcomes in US nursing homes: Crosssectional secondary data analysis. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 52334-344. doi:10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2014.10.002 9 PATIENT SATISFACTION AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 10 Appendix A: Research Table Citation Beck, S. L., Brant, J. M., Donohue, R., Smith, E. L., Towsley, G. L., Berry, P. H., & … Donaldson , G. (2016).Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion Oncology Nursing Certificati on: Relation to Nurses’ Knowledg e and Attitudes About Pain, Abstract/Purpose Research/Study The purpose of Prospective, the study is to (part correlational 1) compare survey design knowledge and attitudes about pain between nurses that are oncology certified nurses (OCN), non-oncology certified nurses (non-OCN) and those ineligible for certification. And (part 2) is to explore the relationships between OCN status, nurse’s knowledge and attitudes regarding pain, patientreported quality of nursing response and care of pain, and outcomes of pain. Methods Those nurses who met criteria were provided an invitation to complete a survey, and matched adult patients who were experienci ng pain rated their pain care quality and pain experienc e during Setting/Subject Six inpatient oncology units in three hospitals (2 academic medical centers and 1 communitybased hospital) RNs and patients in the 6 units were included in the study. Included were agency or travel nurses if they worked 60% of the time during the study. RNs with advanced OCN certification were excluded. Findings/Results OCN®-certified nurses scored significantly higher on the NKASRP (82% correct) compared to non-OCN® eligible nurses (76%) and nonOCN® ineligible nurses (74%) (p < 0.001). Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion Only 43% overall achieved a benchmark of 80% correct. No statistically significant relationships existed between (a) certification status and pain care quality or pain outcomes or (b) NKASRP and Variables Independent Variable Dependent Variable Demographic characteristic s, certification status, and responses to the Nurse Knowledge and Attitudes Survey Regarding Pain (NKASRP) , Pain Care Quality SurveyNursing, and modified Brief Pain Inventory (Short Form) Implication for Practice Nursing knowledge about pain is essential, but still may be insufficient in improving patient pain outcomes. Pain management requires nursing action. The study findings indicate there is a need to continue to sustain current efforts and continue to improve on cancer pain management. PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION PatientReported Pain Care Quality, and Pain Outcomes. Oncology Nursing Forum, 43(1), 6776. doi:10.118 8/16.ONF. 67-76 (Beck, Brant, Donohue, Smith, Towsley, Berry, & Donaldson , 2016) the past shift. Nurse manager and research assistant both verified patient eligibility (N=134) were care quality or given surveys. outcomes (p > 91 nurses in 0.05). . three states (28 OCN®-certified nurses, 37 noncertified nurses, and 26 not eligible for certification). Certification status was validated for 105 nurses who were matched with a sample of 320 patients. Patients also had specific criteria to meet over the age of 18, speak English, have a cancer or hematologic disorder diagnosis, or underwent surgery for 11 PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION 12 possible cancer diagnosis, expected hospital longer than 24 hours and had experienced pain in the past 12 hours. Excluded were patients with no reports of pain, an overt psychiatric disorder, those that were cognitively or physically unable to participate in a survey or interview Biel, M., Grief, L., Patry, L., Ponto, J., & Shirley, M. (2014). Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion The This article is about a systematic review of literature that was conducted to evaluate the relationship between patient This was a synthesis of current literature that examined the relationship between patient outcome and A literature search was performed that used nursing This was a literature search of research studies published between 20002013. Effectiveness of nursing certification varied among studies. Several statistically significant Nursing certification Patient outcomes Assess the impact of nursing certification on patient outcomes PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION relationshi p between nursing certificatio n and patient outcomes: A literature review. Retrieved from http://ww w.nursing certificatio urces/docu ments/rese arch/certif icationandpatientoutcomesresearcharticlesynthesis. pdf (Biel, Grief, Patry, Ponto, & outcomes and nursing nursing certification. certification. The articles included in the study were published between 2000 and 2013. Six of the 9 studies showed a positive correlation with statistical significance between nursing certification and patient outcomes. Three studies showed no statistical significance. The study also evaluated the design of the nine articles to look for gaps in the studies themselves. More research is needed to evaluate what the impact of the requirements to become certified to evaluate if the improvement of patient outcomes is certificati on and patient outcomes as variables. The search was set for peer reviewed articles published between 20002013 and nine studies were included. Each article was evaluated using the same framewor k. The elements were then entered a synthesis grid. The 13 findings showed that patient outcomes do improve with nurse certification. The proportion of certified nurses was inversely rated to the rate of falls. There was a decrease in failto-rescue and patient mortality. More accurate pressure ulcer staging.Grand Canyon NUR504 Mod 7 Safety of Animals and Patients Discussion Rehabilitation units had a shorter length of stay. Three studies did not show improved patient outcomes. One study showed an increase in nurse empowerment with nursing certification. PATIENT OUTCOMES AND NURSING CERTIFICATION Shirely, 2014) (Biel, 2014) (Boev, Xue, & Ingersoll, 2015) Boev, C., Xue, Y., & Ingersoll, G. L. (2015). Original article: related to these requirements being met and less about the certification. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between nursing job satisfaction and healthcareassociated infections (HAIs) in adult critical care. 14 ABNS reviewers independe ntly reviewed the synthesis grid to identify themes. The themes were compiled, and the reviewers validated their findings. This study was a secondary analysis of longitudinal nurse perception data that were obtained from a study funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS). Index of Work Satisfactio n. CCRN certificati on rates. CLABSI and VAP rates. All nurses who participated in the original study were included in this secondary analysis. Data were collected annually from January 1, 2005 through March 31, 2009. All patients This study Nursing provides Certification. preliminary evidence to support the relationship between nursing job satisfaction and HAIs in critical care, although some relationships were counterintuitive. … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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