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Socioeconomic status has far-reaching implications on child and adolescent development, both positive and negative. Low socioeconomic status has been shown to relate to lower educational outcomes and poorer health. Conversely, higher socioeconomic status has shown better outcomes in the areas of education and health. However, the influences of socioeconomic status are not always crystal clear, which makes this a very complex topic.To prepare:Consider the positive and negative consequences of socioeconomic status on child and adolescent development.Think about possible strategies to counteract any negative consequences you might identify.As you review the Learning Resources, think about how positive and negative consequences may differ between socioeconomic groups.Post by Day 3:Explain briefly the potential positive and negative consequences that socioeconomic status might have on children and adolescents. Provide two specific examples from different socioeconomic groups.

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Socioeconomic Status | Instant Homework Help
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