AAC and Those Who Are Deafblind Discussion

AAC and Those Who Are Deafblind Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON AAC and Those Who Are Deafblind Discussion This week you will engage in a discussion from the required webcast and handout on tactile learning strategies for children who are deafblind. From the webcast and handout on tactile learning strategies for children who are deafblind: AAC and Those Who Are Deafblind Discussion Discuss at least one variable / consideration discussed in the webcast that is relevant to individuals who are deafblind as well as those who are not deafblind, but have AAC needs. Discuss one specific / unique strategy for communicating with individuals who are deafblind. As usual, be sure your responses are different from your group members (i.e., you are not commenting on the same points). Reference: Must watch first 3. https://www.perkinselearning.org/videos/webcast/co… http://www.projectsalute.net/Learned/Learnedhtml/T… https://www.unr.edu/ndsip/ 2. This is a discussion between students. Please respond to the discussion. Hi all, (Any)1. One important variable discussed in the webcast that stood out to me is the idea that every child should have someone they trust for trust, support, security, and safety. I think that this can go for everyone, not just children but for adults as well. These traits are very important to a human and to their development. If a child cannot have trust in someone, they may never try new things. If there is no safety, then the boundaries will not be tested. Without support, there will be no courage to try new things. If there is no safety, there will be constant fear. Children who are deaf blind rely largely on these traits because they cannot see or hear anything around them. Children using AAC rely on these traits as well. AAC users face different challenges than those who are deaf blind. AAC needs to trust those professionals around them while using a device. AAC users need support when using a device they may not be adjusting well to. Security is needed so that AAC users communicate with partners, they can be sure they will receive feedback. AAC users need to feel safe in order to communicate with their partners. These traits can go a long way and are extremely universal. 2. One unique way of communicating with those who are deafblind is by using hand over hand guidance. This is done when a communication partner puts their hand over the child’s hand for them to feel an object (Chen & Downing, 2011). This way of communication is nice because it can be done as many times as needed and at any pace as well. It also allows individuals to use their sense of touch to then use their imagination to picture what they are touching. This form of communication gives individuals their own way of imagining and becoming familiar with an object of person. Hand over hand guidance also allows for an individual to feel key aspects and details which then allows them to differ things from one another. When using this strategy, it is important to allow the student to be able to become familiar with the object. The person guiding should not be going too fast or too slow, the opportunity to learn a new object needs to be done at an appropriate speed per the individual. attachment_1 attachment_2 attachment_3 Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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