AB219 Unit 9 Final Project Professional Selling and Sales Promotion (Kaplan)

AB219 Unit 9 Final Project Professional Selling and Sales Promotion (Kaplan)
You will prepare an audiovisual sales presentation that is supported by creative sales promotions as you assume the role of the new marketing associate for U Drive Transport.
The car sharing business has grown in popularity throughout the world in densely populated major city centers. Over the past few years, U Drive Transport company has dominated the United States marketplace as a premier car sharing business. You have recently accepted a job with U Drive Transport as a marketing associate to help the company expand into the global marketing environment. To familiarize yourself with the car sharing business, visit the websites of competitors of U Drive Transport:
? Research “car sharing” on the Internet and research 2 competitors in this industry.
As the new marketing associate for U Drive Transport, you have been tasked with preparing a prerecorded presentation to train new account managers and sales representatives on the features and benefits of the U Drive Transport product offering. Additionally, you must provide training on the seven steps (slides #4–10) of the personal selling process located in your text (Chapter 17) and in the steps below.
Directions for Executing this Assignment:
? Watch the Video on U Drive Transport: Click Here
? Register for a FREE Brainshark® account (© 2014 Brainshark): Click Here
? Visit the Brainshark website and familiarize yourself with the free presentation tool that you will use to record the sales training: Click here for the home page and access their tutorials.
? Review the following document: Explaining a Process
? Prepare a 10 slide sales training presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint

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