Abnormal Psychology Assignment Paper

Abnormal Psychology Assignment Paper Abnormal Psychology Assignment Paper Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine the field of abnormal psychology. Address the following items:Abnormal Psychology Assignment Paper Describe challenges related to classifying normal versus abnormal behavior. Analyze the psycho social, biological/medical, and sociocultural theoretical models related to the development of abnormal behavior. Describe the relationship between abnormal behavior and criminal behavior. Explain how correctional institutions have been affected by abnormal behavior. Permalink: https://nursingpaperessays.com/ abnormal-psychol…assignment-paper / ? Include a minimum of three sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Abnormal Psychology Assignment Paper Submit your assignment Resources Center for Writing Excellence Reference and Citation Generator Grammar and Writing Guides Learning Team Toolkit Ensure essay aligns with these questions. 1.1 1.1 Examine the evolution of abnormal psychology as a science. 1.2 1.2 Identify the different theoretical models related to the development and treatment of psychopathology. 1.3 1.3 Explain the goals of clinical assessment and diagnosis in the correctional setting. It’s human nature to wonder why we act the way that we do and why things happen. So many scholars over the years have come up with numerous theories in order to categorize the things that are known and explanations of what it all means. Life is full of trials and tribulations and those who study maladaptive behavior usually focus on the thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and skills one uses during daily living. Feelings, thoughts, perceptions and skills all combine to aid in creating our mental states and lead to behavioral abnormalities. Thoughts are made up of ideas, concepts and the internal dialogue a person has within their mind. Perceptions are how one interprets incoming sensory signals through processing and organizing the …show more content… This perspective truly focuses on the mind-body connection (Sarason & Sarason, 2005, p.47).Abnormal Psychology Assignment Paper The psychodynamic perspective believes that biological and mental are both equal contributors to human life. Those who support the psychodynamic perspective believe that personality is shaped by combining inner and outer events, with emphasis on the inner events (Sarason & Sarason, 2005, p.59). Basically, our experiences shape who we are. Sigmund Freud is the most well known theorist of this type with the basis of his concept involving the conscious and unconscious psychic connection (Sarason & Sarason, 2005, p60). The third theory of abnormal behavior is the behavioral perspective specifically focusing on how the environment affects how we behave. Those who formed the behavioral perspective felt that Freud’s ideas were too complicated and that this was a simpler way to explain human behavior- simply that we are a product of our environment (Sarason & Sarason, 2005, p.67). The cognitive perspective puts emphasis on how people acquire and interpret information and use it in problem solving. There is a vast history of abnormal psychology. From historical views to the contemporary, both have helped to shape psychology and along the way, some significant people contributed to the development of abnormal psychology.Abnormal Psychology Assignment Paper In this paper, we will look at the timeline of how abnormal psychology has developed over the years, and what the practice has led to in today’s world. The Greeks were the first to bring about the world of philosophy, which later became psychology. During the age of Greek gods, a Greek physician known as Hippocrates became referred to as the father of modern medicine. During this point in time and before Greek history, mental illness was attributed to an individual being possessed by demons, gods, or dark entities. It was Hippocrates that intervened by speaking up and denying that demons and deities had nothing to do with mental illness. Hippocrates hypothesized that mental illness came from natural causes. His fundamental belief was that the brain was the center of intellectual activity, and thus, disorders were due to brain suffering. He also believed that treatment could be given to those that suffered from mental illness. He classified mental illness into three sections which were mania, melancholia, and phrenitis or brain fever. For his time, he was a man ahead of modern medicine. His records and clinical observation were well above the age in which he was in without the use of technology.Abnormal Psychology Assignment Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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