ADNP Syndrome Research Paper

ADNP Syndrome Research Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON ADNP Syndrome Research Paper Paper Topic: Your references MUST include at least 5 recent primary research articles, 3 of which are from journals published by the American Physiological Society (APS). There are 7 American Journal of Physiology (AJP) journals to choose from: Cell Physiology; Endocrinology & Metabolism; Gastrointestinal & Liver Physiology; Heart & Circulatory Physiology; Lung, Cellular & Molecular Physiology; Regulatory, Integrative & Comparative Physiology; and Renal Physiology. In addition, there are a few other journals published by the APS that include primary research that can be found here . (… ). Liberty University BIOM525 ADNP Syndrome Research Paper Writing the papers: Paper 1 Start the body of the paper on a new page after the title page. A minimum of 10 references are required and the paper should be 5 pages long. You are required to review the pathophysiology of the disease using these headings; -Introduction ADNP Syndrome Research Paper -Epidemiology -Etiology -Types/ Classification -Normal Physiology and Homeostasis -Pathophysiology and Molecular Basis of the Disease -Signs/ Symptoms -Laboratory Features -Differential Diagnosis -Complications and Prognosis You can learn more about your rare disease by visiting attachment_1 Paper 1 and 2 Grading Rubric Levels of Achievement Criteria Advanced: Satisfies criteria w/ excellent work Proficient: Satisfies criteria Developing: Satisfies most criteria Not Present: Does not satisfy criteria Content The threat to homeostasis and mechanisms of disorder are explained at all levels. Sentence structure is a mixture of sentence types, not predominately simple. 67.5 to 75 points 52.5 to 67 points 1 to 52 points 0 points Organization The organization of the whole paper is apparent and logical. Transitions between paragraphs are smooth. 27 to 30 points 21 to 26 points 1 to 20 points 0 points References The required number of references (a minimum of 5 that are not used in Paper 1) is met. All references are peer-reviewed, professional journal articles. Citations and references are in AJP-Cell Physiology format. 13.5 to 15 points 10.5 to 13 points 1 to 10 points 0 points Professionalism The paper is free of typos, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. Papers that are too short or long will be penalized based on the amount under/over the page count. SafeAssign match (not counting references) must be less than 5%. Anything more than that will result in a penalty. A SafeAssign match of >15% will result in a 0% on the entire assignment. 13.5 to 15 points 10.5 to 13 points 1 to 10 points 0 points Formatting The paper is written in Arial size 12 font, double spaced, with 1” margins on all sides. Student’s name does not appear on title page, paper, file name or comments. Title page is included containing title of project, course name, number and section number, date, and professor’s name. (Does not count towards page count). All figures are at end of paper (not part of page count). Communication follows Student Expectations. 13.5 to 15 points 10.5 to 13 points 1 to 10 points 0 to 0 points Instructor’s Comments: Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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