Adolescent Development Case Study Paper

Adolescent Development Case Study Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Adolescent Development Case Study Paper Adolescence Adolescence is such a crucial time in overall development.It acts as the gateway between childhood to early adulthood.Typically, qualities and characteristics observed during this time can either be a passing fancy or an indicator of things to come.Many theories have been constructed over the years to help us figure out what to expect at this stage but as usual none of them ever address all observed factors.Stanley Hall believed this period of time is called the “storm and stress years” because his observations showed him that teenagers were difficult and unruly to get along with (some of us may still believe that Embarrassed). Whereas Margaret Mead believed adolescent difficulties are not the norm and that it is perfectly normal for them to pass this stage with little to no trouble at all.As you read this week’s material think about where you stand on these theories and how it would apply to the unique issues commonly faced at this stage. Texas Southern SOCW346 Adolescent Development Case Study Paper THE OVERVIEW At the micro level, social workers engage in quite a bit of work with individuals to help them address usually immediate and sometimes long-term issues.Oftentimes, we can’t fix all problems but with using a strengths perspective we can be very successful with assisting our clients in sorting out the issues in their lives that result in them finding solutions and improve their well being.Since we are focusing on adolescence, you will consider many of the situations and factors that are reported to regularly impact adolescents.You will also consider prominent adolescent stage theorists that help us think about development at this point. THE DISCUSSION This week you will create a short case study.Using the information you read in your textbook/lecture/online, you will create a fictional character that is facing a challenge/barrier and apply theory to help you understand their development as well as identify a potential intervention.The intervention you propose can be a combination of what you read in the text and your imagination :)The citation and reference rules still apply here! To complete this assignment: 1) Identify one critical issue/life event (communication/homelessness/suicide/eating disorders/crime/delinquency/gangs/sexuality) and one major influence (peer/rebellion) to focus on.*The critical issue/life events and major influences identified here are in your textbook.For those still without a book just choose one of the critical issues/life events you see in the parentheses and one major influence in the second set of parenthesis to construct your case study. 2) Choose one of the traditional identity theories (Erickson/Marcia/Racial-Cultural Identity Model).*Only use one of these identity theories. 3) Choose one of the traditional moral identity theories (Kohlberg/Gilligan/Bandura/Fowler). *Only use one of these moral identity theories. 4) Present your fictional case study by explaining who your character is, how their immediate critical issue/life event and major influence is affecting them, and how your character is developing their identity and morals based on the theories you have chosen. 5) If you were your character’s social worker what do you believe is the best course of action in addressing this problem and why? *This is where you discuss your intervention and why you think it is best.Be sure to support your intervention with credible information as to the potentiality of its effectiveness. Structure your post using this format: 1) Introduction Character Name: Raymond Critical Issue/Life Event: Homelessness Major Influence: Rebellion 2)Traditional Identity Theory: Racial-Cultural Identity Model 3)Moral Identity Theory: Fowler Begin your discussion here… This is where you discuss points 4 and 5 as based on what you identified in your introduction.You must demonstrate knowledge of the two theories you selected as you present your case study. Texas Southern SOCW346 Adolescent Development Case Study Paper hbse_346_unique_issues_faced_by_adolescents.pdf hbse_346_adolescent_development_part_1.pptx hbse_346_adolescent_development_part_1.pptx _2017_yrbbs_trend_report_1_.pdf hunter_chandler_19 Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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