Adult Online Learning Assignment

Adult Online Learning Assignment
Adult Online Learning Assignment
You will need to find and review a scholarly article from the online Library databases on the topic of Management.
Compose a substantive post where you discuss two or more facts/ideas/concepts/etc. covered in the article then explain how those facts/ideas/concepts/etc. relate to your organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Introduction to Adult Online Learning Assignment
Your main post should be 150 words or more.
Your post should include 2 or more in-text citations for the article you reviewed.
Your post should include a reference list entry for the article you reviewed.
Leadership/Management/Professional Practice:
Time management: how to improve outcomes through management inputs Time management: how to improve outcomes through management inputs Annelie Meiring, MCur, RN, RM, FANSA © Medpharm Prof Nurs Today 2017;21(3):2-3 “I am so sorry, I did not have time to complete the project on time, there is just not enough hours in a day to get all the work done!” If time is managed ineffectively it may have the following consequences: This dilemma of not having sufficient time is often a topic presented and discussed at workshops and conferences. Is there a way to improve your time management? Is there a quick solution to manage your time more effectively and to increase your and your team’s productivity? Why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others?
The highest achievers proved that it is possible and that the answer lies in good time management. • Very high stress levels • Missed deadlines • Poor work quality • Inefficient systems and team work • Negative influence on your career path.3 Time Management techniques to master your time: • The first step is to realise that being busy is not the same as being effective. A concerted effort must be made to shift your focus from activities to results. Time management is the process of organizing and planning through consciously dividing your time between activities with the ultimate goal of increasing effectiveness and efficiency. Time management is therefore the way that you organise and plan how much time must be spent on specific activities. • Try to understand what is taking up all your time during the day – keep a list of your conversations and activities. This will assist you in understanding how much time is spent on actions, conversations and interruptions that are counterproductive and waste time.3 • Organise and clean your desk – clutter distracts your attention and ability to concentrate. Plan your work area to facilitate efficiency and save time. Time management techniques can improve your time management skills and improve your ability to function more effectively but it needs a conscious effort to shift your focus from activities to results. To put the saying work smarter not harder into action seems to be the only way to go as only then will you get more done in less time. Introduction to Adult Online Learning Assignment
1 • Goal setting: the most important skill in the management of your time is the ability to focus your time on serving your goals.4,5 • Prioritise: Time management starts with a commitment to change. This should always begin with eliminating the tasks that are not important and to focus on urgent and important tasks.5 Why do we want to manage our time better? The benefits of good time management include: Time management skills are about ensuring that you get the important work done. • Greater productivity Prioritising avoids the natural tendency to concentrate on the easy and simple tasks and to allow too many interruptions. The Pareto Principle (80:20)6 is a simple strategy to use when prioritizing– 20% effort achieves 80% of the result. Focus on the 20% that makes a great • Improved efficiency • Less stress • Increased opportunities for professional advancement • Greater opportunities to achieve life and career goals. Introduction to Adult Online Learning Assignment
2 Prof Nurs Today 2 2017;21(3) Leadership/Management/Professional Practice: Time management: how to improve outcomes through management inputs every day. Focus on the items with a high priority.6 difference rather than focusing on the 80% that has no or very little impact. • Put up a “Do not disturb” sign when you have to get work done and ignore or manage phone calls and e-mails. Don’t allow interruptions such as phone calls or e-mails unless you have to attend to a crisis situation.1 • Prioritise by grouping your tasks into three groups: Tasks that are urgent and need immediate action. Tasks that are important but not urgent. • Schedule time to attend to e-mails and to return calls. Block out distractions such as social media and instant messaging unless they generate business.5,6 Tasks that are not urgent and might be a waste of time.
4 • Grouping will enhance your efficiency and effectiveness as tasks are arranged according to their importance. A nursing unit has its own challenges, but it interesting that the time wasters are similar to any other department and include: • Self-motivation: You must be able to motivate yourself to take action, even when you are not feeling well or not motivated. You are responsible for your own results and without self-motivation you will experience high stress levels and pressure. • An open-door policy not well managed resulting in a lack of supervision • Poor communication skills with an unwillingness to say ‘No’2 • Focus: it is important to realise that you can only do one task at any given time; if you want to get results, you must learn to focus and to block out distractions.5 • Poor planning – failure to set goals and objectives • Failure to prioritise tasks • Planning: • Ineffective meetings and indecisiveness Tasks may be dependent on each other, when planning a project or your day, always keep that in mind. Introduction to Adult Online Learning Assignment
• Poor filing system together with ineffective management of paper Proper planning can save a lot of time and reduce stress and pressure. • Procrastination Always provide for alternatives by having an alternative plan ready. • Too much socialising. Procrastination Make use of a personal diary and keep it up to date.5 In the professional environment people are so easily distracted by ‘noise’. Whether it’s emails, admin or politics, there will always be something that seems so much more important than the actual task. More often than not, people will get caught up with the nice to have activity rather than the critical work which creates more value for the business. Being ruthlessly focused means you have the ability to cancel out this noise and focus on what is important. It’s a strength in itself to be able to say something is not critical. James Caan 4 • “To do lists” are the simplest time management method but the most effective. “To do lists” will remind you of what needs to be done, but do not always improve efficiency. Use these lists to draw up a schedule; schedule appointments or time blocks for high priority tasks and actions.4 • Organise your work and deadlines through proper scheduling of tasks. These scheduled tasks must have a time allocated to the specific actions – a starting time and when the tasks must end.4Have discipline to keep to appointments.
Time management is a tool to improve the work flow and the management of a work unit, it also improves quality of life. Proper and effective management of your time will decrease stress levels and improve work satisfaction. It must, however, be emphasized that there is no magic way to manage time; it starts and ends with a concerted effort to change current practices and implement tried and tested time management techniques. • Schedule time for interruptions, plan time to be pulled away from what you are doing. It is important to manage these interruptions effectively and keep to the schedule as we all tend to fall back into our old ways by letting it go. • Start your day by allowing at least half an hour to plan your day. The most important time of your day is the time to schedule your day as the focus must be on the planned activities to manage the day effectively. References: 1. • Manage each activity, take a few minutes before a scheduled appointment to determine what the outcomes must be and a few minutes after the appointment to determine whether the results were achieved.3 Set a time to deal with correspondence and remember that a telephone call is much quicker than written correspondence. 2. 3. 4. 5. • Allocate a time limit or a fixed time period to complete the task. Introduction to Adult Online Learning Assignment
6. • Remember that it is impossible to get everything done Prof Nurs Today 3 Time Management Tips and Strategies. Accessible at http:// How to Manage your Time Effectively. Accessible at https:// Why time Management is ruining our lives. Accessible at https:// -management-is-ruining-our-lives How to Manage Time with 10 tips that work. Accessible at https:// 17 Essential Time Management Skills. Accessible at http:// -management-skills/. Time Management. Accessible at timemanagement.htm#standard-copyright 2017;21(3) Copyright of Professional Nursing Today is the property of Medpharm Publications (Pty) Ltd. and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. …

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