Advance Primary Care III Essay

Advance Primary Care III Essay Advance Primary Care III Essay Throughout the discussion I will analyze the above statement highlighting the professional issues raised, involving the nurse working in the primary care setting. Within this I will distinguish exactly what primary care is and the relation to the importance of collaboration in this particular setting. Leading onto how we/nurses collaborate in primary care. I will also investigate what a clients roll is in the promotion of the populations health. Included within this are recent policies applicable to this setting. To conclude I will critical analyze …show more content…Advance Primary Care III Essay There is then the opportunity to provide individuals with advice and support to promote prevention. The jobs have also evolved within primary care creating a very diverse client group and needs, this is mainly due to “Hospital stays being shorter so patients are being discharged into the community requiring more acute technical care than previously” Parham(2003).Advance Primary Care III Essay Where acute care within the community is concerned these are such incidents as palliative care within the home. Due to the recognition of the importance of primary care, primary groups were created in 1999, this was post implementation of the White paper: The new NHS modern and dependable (Department of Health,1997). The purpose of these groups were to improve the health of the local population they covered and to address the health inequalities and also develop primary care and community health services (Banks-Smith 2001). Then the PCG’S created and encouraged primary care to break into PCT’S (Primary Care Trusts) this now means that each trust manages their own services. There are many professions involved in the primary care sector. It is no secret that the current healthcare reformation is a contentious matter that promises to transform the way Americans view an already complex healthcare system. The newly insured population is expected to increase by an estimated 32 million while facing an expected shortage of up to 44,000 primary care physicians within the next 12 years (Doherty, 2010). Amidst these already overwhelming challenges, healthcare systems are becoming increasingly scrutinized to identify a way to improve cost containment and patient access (Curits & Netten, 2007). “Growing awareness of the importance of health promotion and disease prevention, the increased complexity of community-based care, and the need to use scarce human healthcare resources, …show more content…Advance Primary Care III Essay Permalink: advance-primary-care-iii-essay / ? They stress both care and cure while being the more cost effective option. Studies have shown that using Nurse Practitioners results in a quality of care equivalent to physicians with high patient satisfaction rates. Background Nurse Practitioners are a relatively new concept within the American healthcare system. The first Nurse Practitioners were educated in 1965, the same year that Medicaid was established, in response to a nationwide shortage of physicians. Loretta Ford, RN and Dr. Henry Silver introduced the first informal training program for Nurse Practitioners at the University of Colorado. This model was not well received by some nursing leaders or physicians (Mundinger, 1994). Certain nursing leaders believed that nurses were no longer practicing nursing and the title of Nurse Practitioner was misleading. Medical physicians opposed the concept of nurses functioning as an expanded role under the direction of a physician. Facing these challenges and oppositions, Nurse Practitioners began their journey to define and legitimize their profession (O’Brian, 2003). Currently, the National Council for the State Boards of Nursing has written a consensus model in an attempt to regulate the licensure for APRNs. Advance Primary Care III Essay Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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