Alcohol Usage In Teenage

Evidence Based Public Health – Alcohol Usage In Teenage Alcohol Usage In Teenage Alcohol misuse is hazardous public health problem Alcohol consumption is responsible for various diseases (Ballantyne, 2009, pp. 39). It seems to affect individuals of different age groups in different manners, for instance, family life, social life and academic life (Chick, 2007,pp.45). Alcohol consumption not only has serious side effects on the individual but it also affects the society individual lives in. Risk of physical and psychological harm is associated with alcohol misuse (Schuckit, 2009, pp. 499). Heavy consumption of alcohol is also associated with other drug use including smoking and illegal drug use (Petrie, 2009, pp. 59). ORDER A CUSTOMIZED PAPER HERE Alcohol Usage In Teenage It is observed that the trend of alcohol use in teenage is increasing day by day in alcohol consumption in young people and school going children and the children between age group 8-12 years is more susceptible to alcohol misuse (Deykin, Levy et a1., 2005, pp.467) . Anti social behavior, violence, accidents, suicides, road traffic accidents, physical and mental health problem are consequences associated with heavy consumption of alcohol (Flatley, ReI 1 2; let al., 2010, pp.79). Unprotected sex resulting in teenage pregnancies has been reported after excessive alcohol consumption (Bellis, 20I0, pp.115). Over consumption of alcohol eventually leads to alcohol dependency which disrupts individual’s normal life. Along with physical, health, over consumption of alcohol may also cause mental health problems such as impairment of brain functions and impaired memory (Chick, 2007, pp.45).Alcohol is one of the major causative factors for anxiety and depression. The reason why people opt for harming themselves is because of excessive use of alcohol (Deykin, Levy et al. 2005; Chick 2007). A study carried out in the year 2006 stated that about 62% of males and 50% of females attempted suicide when they had consumed alcohol (Aquarius, 2011). Alcohol intoxication also affects relationships. Excess levels of drinking affects work ability and efficacy. Excessive consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages has got deleterious effects on the body of consumer. Alcohol acts as irritant of gastrointestinal tract leading to peptic ulcers, gastro- esophageal reflux disease and other digestive disorders. Alcohol is most common cirrhosis. Women particularly tend to get liver disease more likely than men. About 70-90% of people tend to develop acute alcoholic hepatitis as a result of excessive alcohol use . Alcohol is second cause of cancers especially stomach, liver and mouth, first being. A link between alcohol and obesity has been observed. However, smoking, caffeine consumption, physical activity and other psychosocial factors may modify this association (Gatineau and Mathrani, 2012, pp. 119). Men are recommended to consume not more than three to four units of alcohol, while women are recommended for about two to three units of alcohol every day (Atkinson, Barker et al. 2007, pp.140). The age group mainly observed vulnerable for excessive consumption is young adults. Alcohol Usage In Teenage Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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