Alcoholics and Narcotics AnonymousAlcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous Initially, I was very scared and worried to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. I wasn’t sure what to expect and they only time I have ever really knew what happened during these meeting is from what I have seen on television.Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous I decided to just go one night and I was very surprised to see how the meeting was set up. I felt a little awkward at first but I wanted to get a good experience so I was honest and open just as everyone else was. There was such as sense of feeling like you should be comfortable here and be able to share your struggles and experiences and you and everyone can learn from them and reflect together. The meeting was small, maybe fifteen people or so and we all sat in a circle. There was one person who ran the meeting. The meeting was an open meeting meaning that alcoholics could attend along with family members or friends. The meeting began with the one person introducing themselves as everyone responded with saying hello together Permalink: alcoholics-and-n…cotics-anonymous / I recently attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in my hometown. Prior to the meeting I had certain expectations about the members that would be present.Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous My preconception regarding the demographics in the meeting consisted of an older population, one in which had time to develop an alcoholic addiction. I was surprised to see that no age, race or gender was immune to this addiction. The population spanned from individuals as young as nineteen to those in their fifth and sixth decade with a majority young and Caucasian. I also believed that a lower economic status would positively increase the numbers, but again, I was surprised to see that economic status did not appear to matter. I did not expect the meeting to be as structured and littered with tradition. The meeting was opened with various members reading from a book. A few members would introduce themselves, state their addiction and announce what reading they would be doing for the meeting. Among the readings were the twelve steps to recovery. After the readings were complete, the floor was open to individuals to introduce themselves and share stories as they wished. We observed that individuals that make the decision to try to remain sober have other people in the group serve as sponsors. There was a man that had been doing so well with his fight to stay sober, but a recent fishing trip with some friends sent him into a drinking spree once more. He realized that now more than ever he needed the support of others that were both sober, positive influences and able to understand what the weight of the addiction actually felt like. Several others had the opportunity to share their stories, but the main trend was the necessity and appreciation for the support this group offers.Alcoholics and Narcotics AnonymousToday’s society has been corrupted by the constant abuse of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol alone is responsible for over nine hundred and seventy five thousand deaths, on average, per year. Most people don’t even look at alcohol as a drug. In fact alcohol is a very dangerous drug in the world. The main reason that it is so dangerous is because there are so many people that abuse it. The reason people abuse it so is because the society looks at alcohol as a normal part of life, the society promotes drinking, and when people want it they can have it. We just have to run down the street to the local supermarket and buy whatever type of alcohol that appeals to us. The number of alcoholics has risen drastically over the decades. In the 1970’s America started to recognize the growing problem of alcoholism. Organizations were formed to help the people that wanted help. The different organizations and groups eventually lead to the formation of a group called Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Which has become the best treatment for people that have the disease of Alcoholism. AA is the most effective alcohol abuse treatment for most people. Robert Smith, a doctor and recovering alcoholic with help from a man named Bill Wilson founded Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930’s. Together these men formed this great organization that was available to any person free of charge. It started as a tiny group and formed into a worldwide organization that has helped millions of people fight against alcohol. .Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous The hardest aspect of an Alcoholics life is for that person to get help. Before the alcoholics get help the individual has to be able to realize they have a problem. The person is usually in denial when somebody first confronts them about their problem. The person must be convinced through help from friends or family that what they have is not a problem, but a disease. Once the people can say to themselves, “I have a problem and need help”, then AA can be put into play.Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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