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Allergy WorkSheet Allergy WorkSheet Permalink: allergy-worksheet / ? PHM 551 Loma Linda University Allergy WorkSheet School Loma Linda University Question Description I’m studying and need help with a Health & Medical question to help me learn. I Have separate files each file contains about 3 questions and needs to be answered. Please make sure you cite the surces for each questions. Also, it should be zero plagiarism. Please see attachemnts below thanks. Unformatted Attachment Preview PHM 551- Pharmacy Skills Lab Community Homework Week 2: Allergy Work Sheet Name : _________________________________ Case #1: JM walks up to the counter with an Rx that reads: Keflex 500mg 1qid X7 days and Ibuprofen 800mg 1 q6h prn. When you ask the patient if they have any allergies, they state penicillin is the only one. They developed hives after taking penicillin when they were younger. Based on the patient’s reaction, would you feel comfortable dispensing the above regimen, why or why not? What is the percentage of patients who would also have of cross sensitivity of cephalosporin allergy versus penicillin. (Site a source – AMA format) Case #2: YR is a regular patient of your pharmacy. She comes to the counter with a new Rx which reads: Vasotec 10mg 1qd. Patient has no allergies listed in her file. she has developed a dry cough after 2 days on the medication, that has not gone away and she has now been taking the medication for 25 days. Patient cannot tolerate the cough anymore and has tried several over the counter cough medications and nothing seems to work. Is this a true allergy or a side effect? Would you call the doctor and switch the medication? (site a resource- AMA format) Case #3: TJ is a new patient that comes to the pharmacy to fill a prescription. She hands you the prescription, which reads: simvastatin 1qhs and fenofibrate . Allergy WorkSheet. You fill the medication and a couple days later the doctor’s office calls you and states this patient develops muscle aches. Does every statin cause muscle aches? What is a difference between a hydrophilic and lipophilic statin? How would you communicate this to the physician office? (Site a source- AMA format) Drug information question “does gabapentin have off label uses?” Background information: “my psychiatrist put the gabapentin on top of duloxetine for anxiety, and I want to know if gabapentin has off label uses”. Patient-specific information: Age: 36-year-old, Gender: female, Weight: 155lb, Height: 5’8” she is a breastfeeding History of present illness: The patient still experiences a symptom of weekly fear and distress and that interfere with her daily function and all that contributed since the pandemic has been happening. She is now restless. Patient medical history: Bipolar type 1 disorder Generalized anxiety disorder ( 15 years) Hypothyroidism Allergies: Current medication: Penicillin (hives) Gabapentin 300 mg PO twice daily (2 weeks) Duloxetine 60 mg PO once daily (3 years) Levothyroxine 150 mcg PO once daily (2 years) Quetiapine ER 200 mg once daily (4 years) No OTC medication Dietary supplement: fenugreek 1 g capsule 3 times daily (4 weeks) Available laboratory results: T4 7.2 mcg/dL (2 weeks ago) TSH 2.1 Vitals signs: HR 100 to 105 bpm BP 140 to 145/ 80 to 85 mmHg Temperature: 101. 2 True question “COULD gabapentin have off label uses to treat anxiety?” Requirement: Databases that need to be used as a resource for this assignment are Clinical pharmacology, Lexi-Comp, Micromedex, PubMed. Be sure you identify the question posed by the patient, don’t just jump straight into the confounding issue. Identification of confounding therapeutic issue and give the summary and recommendation. … Purchase answer to see full attachment Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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