An Ethical Dilemma

An Ethical Dilemma
An Ethical Dilemma
An Ethical Dilemma And Case Study
Review the Ethical Dilemma beginning on page 309 and answer the questions at the end of the case. Each question should be answered with one to two paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain three to five complex sentences.
A. Describe the difficulties in ethical leadership at Stacy’s farm.What type of conflict management style does Doug have?
B. Are there more constructive ways for him to handle conflicts with employees?
C. Describe the alternatives Stacy has answering that candidates question and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
2. Write your answers to the following questions about Case 16, “Ethical Leadership at Cardinal IG: The Foundation of a Culture of Diversity,” Your answers should total one to two paragraphs for each question. Each paragraph should contain three to five complex sentences.
a. Describe David Pinder’s background. What influence did his background have on his leadership style?
b. How has David Pinder embraced ethical leadership to create an ethical culture at Cardinal?
c. How has Cardinal’s principles and values shaped the ethical behavior of employees?
d. How has Cardinal empowered its employees to practice responsible and accountable leadership?
e. What lessons can be learned from Cardinal?
An ethical dilemma or ethical paradox is a decision-making problem between two possible moral imperatives, neither of which is unambiguously acceptable or preferable. The complexity arises out of the situational conflict in which obeying one would result in transgressing another.
A runaway is heading down the tracks toward 5 workmen who will be killed if the trolley proceeds on its present course. You are on a footbridge over the tracks that is in between the approaching trolley and the five workmen. Next to you on this footbridge is a stranger who happens to be very large. If you do nothing the trolley will proceed, causing the deaths of the five workmen. The only way to save the lives of these workmen is to push this stranger off the bridge and onto the tracks below, where his large body will stop the trolley, causing his death. Should you push the stranger onto the tracks in order to save the five workmen?
There are scientific projects that aim to create small robotic implants that can move through your blood or attach to your nerve endings. Either by electrical stimulation or a release of chemicals, these bots may regulate our bodies before we even realize that something is wrong. Would you invest in these small bots in order to live a possibly longer life?

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