Application of Systems Theory

Application of Systems Theory
Application of Systems Theory
In this course, you will be asked to select one case study and to use it throughout the entire course. (CASE OF JAKE LEVY) By doing this, you will have the opportunity to see how guide your view of a client and the client’s presenting problem. Although the case may be the same, each time you use a different , your perspective of the problem changes, which then changes how you go about asking the assessment questions and how you intervene.
The first theoretical approach you will use to apply to a case study is systems . In other words, your theoretical orientation—your lens—will be systems theory as you analyze a social work case study.
Different can be used to take a systems approach. For example, Bertalanffy’s General Systems considers how a is made of smaller that and seek , whereas Brofennerbrenner’s Ecological Systems focuses on how an individual’s experience is influenced by different system levels (micro, , , , and chrono). Systems is commonly used to understand the interrelationships of the systems (e.g., family, community, organizations, society) of the client. If you are working with families, communities, and organizations, it is also beneficial to use systems theory to get a holistic picture of all the interrelated parts of the system.
Focus on the identified client within your chosen case.
Analyze the case using a systems approach, taking into consideration both family and community systems.
Complete and submit the “Dissecting a and Its Application to a Case Study” worksheet based on your analysis.

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