Applied Ergo Research Project_winter2021

Applied Ergo Research Project_winter2021 ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Applied Ergo Research Project_winter2021 My targeted research is office ergonomics, that is people work from home during Covid-19. People might get more stress and workload than usual. Also, working from home might sit all the time during work hours and the person might work exceeding during the work hours. Applied Ergo Research Project_winter2021 The purpose of this assignment is for you to research a specific topic in Ergonomics and apply your knowledge to evaluate a task and make proposed recommendations. You can select a task of your choice, which must be shared with me, that would fit into the following format. You do not have to select something occupational related (since ergonomics is universal) and I urge you to explore something in your academic or interest area. Please do not self-plagiarize and use projects/reports that you have done for other classes- you can be using the same topic but this must be original work. INSTRUCTIONS: Identify an environment that contains a potential ergonomic problem(s). This may be a work area/place of your choosing but make sure you have access to this area for at least 1 hour (can be done remotely for social distancing). Please be professional: in your report or presentation, do not provide any company names or private information. you must indicate to anyone who you interact with that this project is for a class and will not be published or presented outside of the class. You can determine if you want to provide your results and recommendations but if you do nice work, you might be helping someone out if you do! do not disrupt normal operations. politely ask for permission to observe, take notes and to photograph (regarding photographs, you must be careful to not show any identifiable information such as faces, etc unless). Follow the steps listed below in Process for Ergonomic Evaluation to assess the work environment. You should have as a minimum the following headings: Cover Page A. Introduction B. Purpose C. Methodology Subject information Ergonomic assessment tool utilized Environment Process of data collection/analyses Analysis E. Results F. Discussion/Conclusions – include how the results pertain to society, your work, your life etc…, or how this information may be useful. G. References, if any The Report (20 points) should: Be 4-5 pages (include images, figures or tables to help synthesize the information). Arial or Times New Roman 11 point font One inch margins on all sides 1.5” spaced Have at least major headings as laid out in the format above Graduate students: have at least 2 relevant peer reviewed citations (this means from a peer reviewed journal) Cite relevant websites (OSHA, NIOSH, others…) that have information on the topic. Please cite all references properly as per APA guidelines for citations. You can receive free help from the OSU center for writing: Rubric Investigated appropriate ergonomic problem (2 points) Followed assigned format and written professionally (4-5 pages, font, margins/spacing, major headings, proper citations, proper grammar and spelling) (4 points) Followed process for ergonomic evaluation (initial analysis, population, tools/equipment/process of job/task, job/task requirements, other aspects of job, selected task with significant risk to evaluate) (6 points) Used an appropriate ergonomic risk assessment(s) and completed the assessment correctly (4 points) Provided appropriate recommendations based on risk assessment (4 points) Complete details in attachements attachment_1 attachment_2 Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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