Assessing Muscoskeletal Pain Essay

Assessing Muscoskeletal Pain Essay Assessing Muscoskeletal Pain Essay From the mid 1980’s to present, the wealth of technology and automation has began to take a toll on public health the work and home environments are inundated with technologies that require little to no physical activity such as long commutes, the use of personal computers, television and video games. Today more people work in offices, have longer work hours and are physically inactive. This new environment produces unhealthy and non functional people and increased incidence of injury.Assessing Muscoskeletal Pain Essay Past mandatory activities such as physically educated ar being cut from schools, consequently people are less active and are no longer spending as much of their free time engaged in physical activity. In 1985 the international obesity task force deemed the presidence of obesity an epidemic. Today approx one third of adults are estimated to be obese, this carries over to the adolescent population with 18 percent of adulenance and teenagers considered overweight. When working with todays typical client and athletes health and fitness professionals must take special consideration when designing exercise programmes. An integrated approach should be used to create a safe programme that consider the functional capacity for each individual person. They must address factor such as; appropriate forms of flexibility, increasing strength a neuromuscular control and training in different types of environments.The assessment needs of the client are based on the need to have medication in a long term nursing setting. The majority of clients that are in a skilled nursing setting need medication, and they cannot take it on their own while they are there. They cannot have medications in their rooms.Assessing Muscoskeletal Pain Essay The nurses or TMAs give the clients their medications when they need them. Many clients rely on the staff that handles the medications to make sure that they are the right medications, the right dose, right route, right time, and that they are getting the medications like the doctors have ordered. Medication error preventions, is important to do a project on because there are many medication errors that occur throughout a quarter of a year or even a year that could have been prevented at some point. The medication errors can be anywhere from not hearing the doctor right, not writing the right amount of medication to give, not transcribing the order right, not giving the medication when it is prescribed at the time it is to be given. There are other ways that a medication error can be made. The benefits of medication error prevent is to improve the health care outcome of a client, because with teaching, medication errors would be minimal and fewer if staff follow a certain way of giving medication. Permalink: assessing-muscoskeletal-pain-essay / ? The goal of this project is to show different ways that medication errors can be prevented in the long term care facility. Assessment of chronic pain first begins with understanding what chronic pain is.Assessing Muscoskeletal Pain Essay Chronic pain is any pain with or without obvious injury that lasts longer than the expected healing period. Like many chronic diseases, it has periods of remission, an absence of symptoms, and exacerbation, an increase in the severity of the symptoms. A recent study suggested that chronic pain affects about 80% of elders in nursing homes. (Pateinakis, 2013) Proper treatment of chronic pain begins with gathering subjective and objective data about the client’s pain. Before meeting with the client determine rather or not the client is capable of communicating about his or her pain. If the client is aphasic or severely demented, it may be necessary to ask family members and/or caregivers to be present during the interview to help answer questions. Even if the patient is able to communicate effectively, they may be more comfortable with loved ones nearby. Review any comorbidities that may be affecting the pain or even causing the pain. Also, note all medications the client is currently taking including herbal supplements and over the counter drugs, to prevent polypharmacy or even identify polypharmacy that is occurring already. Next, begin a focused interview. COLDSPA can be used effectively to gather all the specific information about the pain itself. Character is the description of the sign or symptom.Assessing Muscoskeletal Pain Essay Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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