Assessment Disorder Paper

Assessment Disorder Paper Assessment Disorder Paper The purpose of this paper is to provide a synopsis of the importance of assessment and diagnosis in the counseling process. In the first two sections, the roles of assessment and diagnosis as they relate to case conceptualization and treatment planning will be explored. The potential implications of misdiagnosis will be the focus of the final section. Assessment Becoming acquainted with a potential client’s history, personality and present concerns is necessary in forming a foundation for counseling interventions. This information gathering phase is referred to as assessment (Mears, 2010). While some mental health professionals will use an interview as their primary assessment tool, others will utilize testing …show more content… Diagnosis While mental health professionals have had mixed feelings about the use of diagnostic labels in counseling, the diagnosis is another common outcome of the assessment process. Mears (2010) reports the advantage of diagnostic classifications as their usefulness in written and verbal interactions about the specific problems a client might experience.Assessment Disorder Paper An example of this is when a diagnosis documented in a case conceptualization or treatment plan increases the ease of communication between clinicians or billing agencies. Applying a diagnosis to a client’s profile has complications as well. The labeling of a client with a diagnosis related to mental illness can have negative effects on his or her self esteem and also result in insurance and employment issues (Mears, 2010). Without careful attention to issues of culture and social justice in a person’s life, responses to oppression can be improperly diagnosed (Mears, 2010). A woman who is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder without exploration into the fact that she is being sexually harassed at work would be an example of this issue. Misdiagnosis Whether intentional or unintentional, the misdiagnosis of client concerns is a problem that can have implications for counselors and clients.Mental health encompasses people’s emotions, behaviors, and moods which are directly associated with one’s reactions to certain problems or stressors (internal or external). This brings to mind the way people react towards anxiety or stress during their normal daily routines. Mental health includes or covers everything including the issues and problems which are associated or related to a person’s mental state. By analyzing a person’s mental health, one can tell how people make their choices as well as how certain decisions impact their lives and the direction they take. While writing an essay on mental health, writers need to think of issues such as panic, shame, stress, phobia, eating disorders, suicide, anxiety issues, etc. However, it is also essential that you understand the difference between mental disorders and mental health. This will guide you and help you avoid the common mistakes that other writers make. Permalink: assessment-disorder-paper / According to reports by the World Health Organization, 50% of the world’s population have been or are victims of different mental disorders. However, since mental health is not viewed universally and there are places where it is not taken seriously, this number might rise. Instead of seeing mental health as the desired level of psychological wellness, people all over the world are still viewing it as an unsure continuum of mental disorder.Assessment Disorder Paper Looking at the different definitions of mental health, one notes that there are different understandings or comprehensions of the term. Researchers are yet to agree on what to make of mental health, and this often leads to confusion. Before WHO reported on the 50%, an analysis of the world was done, and it was against certain aspects of the different definitions of mental health. These aspects included emotional stability, adaptability, living creatively, as well as flexibility, especially when dealing with life’s issues. After this analysis was done, the conclusion of the 50% was made and the types or forms of mental illnesses plaguing the world identified. Some of which include depression, anxiety, personality disorders, mood disorders, and psychotic disorders. Of all of these, anxiety disorder is the one which covers different or smaller issues including phobias, post-traumatic disorders, and panic disorders. As a writer, the above information is indeed useful because you must understand what mental health entails as well as any information surrounding it.Assessment Disorder Paper You must also be able to show the readers that you are well aware or capable of handling your topic. By the end of your essay, your readers should either feel informed, persuaded, or entertained depending on the goal of your essay. However, as is always the case, choosing the right topic is the first step to writing an essay. Essay writing is a process, and this process has several stages. Each stage requires your full attention or else you will end up with a poor grade. Therefore, take each step seriously. After you have been asked to write an essay on mental health, carefully consider the purpose of your essay (are you supposed to inform, educate, entertain, persuade, etc.). Once you have done this and know exactly what you are required to do, find a good topic and conduct ample research. Research is the foundation of an excellent essay. Therefore, conduct good research and ensure you have enough materials to help you write your essay. Here are good topics for an essay on mental health: Explain some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. What is social anxiety and what are some of the proven ways of treating it. Discuss some of the reasons why people may choose to commit suicide. What is depression and what happens before one is depressed up to the point when one is depressed? Research and write a paper analyzing schizophrenia in young people. How is obsessive-compulsive personality disorder treated? Is family history linked to the transfer of stress and anxiety to a person? How do depressed people process information? How different is it to other people’s ways of processing information? Is sexual education important form children and what should be the age limit for it? Explain the link between a person’s age and the development of mental illness. How does social media create a disconnect between people and their routine or normal daily lives? What are some of the often ignored symptoms of social anxiety disorder? What are some of the ways you can help or helpfully intervene if someone is considering suicide? Explain what psychotic depression is and discuss some of its known signs and symptoms. Discuss some of the best and proven psychological treatment option. Define clinical depression and explain its early signs. Doctors often advise people to exercise. What are some of its benefits on one’s mental health? Discuss the stigma against mental illness and show why it is still rampant today. How can you be of help to a PTSD patient? Can eating be described as a disorder? Give examples of eating disorders. Define and explain what normal mental functioning entails. Are recurring dreams a sign of anything or should we ignore them?Assessment Disorder Paper Define insomnia and explain how it can impact one’s mental state. How can one ensure their brain is healthy? Discuss the stages of brain development in teenagers. As noted earlier, writing an essay gifts you with the opportunity to conduct extensive research on a topic. Additionally, remember that research is also an important part or stage in the writing process. Therefore, ensure that you are doing it well and that you are looking for relevant and credible sources. Not all sources will offer you credible or reliable information. Therefore, know how to differentiate between the sources. As you write, remember to write for yourself or to write something which you will enjoy reading. In conclusion, the field mental health is quite extensive. You, therefore, need to narrow down on a single topic and expound on it. Do not try to include everything but find a narrow topic and pursue it. Generalized anxiety disorder is common among patients in primary care. Affected patients experience excessive chronic anxiety and worry about events and activities, such as their health, family, work, and finances. The anxiety and worry are difficult to control and often lead to physiologic symptoms, including fatigue, muscle tension, restlessness, and other somatic complaints.Assessment Disorder Paper Other psychiatric problems (e.g., depression) and non psychiatric factors (e.g., endocrine disorders, medication adverse effects, withdrawal) must be considered in patients with possible generalized anxiety disorder. Cognitive behavior therapy and the first-line pharmacologic agents, selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors, are effective treatments. However, evidence suggests that the effects of cognitive behavior therapy may be more durable. Although complementary and alternative medicine therapies have been used, their effectiveness has not been proven in generalized anxiety disorder. Selection of the most appropriate treatment should be based on patient preference, treatment success history, and other factors that could affect adherence and subsequent effectiveness. Anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, are the most common mental health problems in the United States.1 , 2 As with other anxiety disorders, GAD is associated with impairments in mental health, social/role functioning, general health, bodily pain, physical functioning, and daily activities. It is also associated with an increase in physician visits.3 One third of patients with GAD have one or more additional anxiety disorders, often accompanied by a decline in functional status and an increased risk of other psychiatric problems or substance abuse.3 , 4 GAD is linked to self-medication with alcohol or other drugs5 and to suicidal ideation.6 Impairment associated with GAD is equal to that associated with major depression,7 and it is related to increased health care use and economic costs.7 , 8 Despite the prevalence of GAD and its subsequent impact on health, functioning, and the economy, the condition is too often misdiagnosed and managed incorrectly.Assessment Disorder Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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