Assignment: “The Burning Bed”

Assignment: “The Burning Bed”
Assignment: “The Burning Bed”
Watch the movie or read the book. “The Burning Bed”. Write the 3 page essay answering the question
1) What do our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors contribute or take away from ourselves and others?
2)How does this movie make you think differently about how you can impact physical/mental/emotional abuse, mental health, addiction problems, etc.?
3) Name at least three issues you noticed in the movie that contributed to the continued abusive situation. How should these situations have been handled? Please be specific in your answer citing the outcomes.
4) What have you learned about yourself from this movie? How does it make you a better person?
5) Locate two sources from the online databases about helping behaviors and how they can lead to significant improvements within society regarding abusive relationships, mental health issues, addiction problems, etc. Include at least one quote from each source in your paper. Be sure to include a Works Cited page in your paper. (works cited page does not count as 3 page essay. Its your 4th page
A grim, detailed case history–delivered in flat, clichÉd prose and short on psychological or sociological insights. McNulty begins with “”The Crime””–the 1977 arson murder, in a small Michigan town, of Mickey Hughes by wife Francine, mother of four–and then flashes back to reconstruct Francine’s entire life. With generous quotes from Francine herself, we get her childhood: a drunk (though rarely violent) father; the stigma of poverty; guilt over a younger brother’s serious accident (perhaps this “”made her overly sensitive to the suffering of others””). And then, at 15, the appearance of Mickey, who talked impulsive Francine into sex and marriage, then quickly showed his real, ugly self: alcoholic, mother-dependent, unable to keep a job, jealous, domineering, cruel, and frequently, ferociously violent. But with three children soon born, “”it never occurred to her to leave him””: “”I kept hoping that if I stuck it out Mickey might change. . . “” And though Francine did get a divorce and try to live apart from him, Mickey would follow with

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