Assignment: “Vice And Virtue Life”

Assignment: “Vice And Virtue Life”
Assignment: “Vice And Virtue Life”
Instructions: Select two articles from Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life and write a critique on each article. Each critique should be at least one and a half to two typed pages in length.
Each critique must contain:
at least one paragraph about the major theme
at least one paragraph about new ideas or terms
a personal statement concerning your overall reaction to the reading
any question(s) that the reading raises in your mind.
each critique should be clear and well organized with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
use MLA guidelines for all in text citations and reference pages
informed that they would be learning a series of English words paired with point-values, and that they would later be tested on which words they could recognize. Instruc- tions stated that the point-values of correctly recognized words would be added to their score, and that their pri- mary goal was to maximize their score. Participants were also told that they would lose points for incorrectly report- ing that they recognized a word from before when it was actually a new word. Without the prospect of losing points for incorrect guesses, the optimal strategy for earning points would be to rate all items as being previously pre- sented. Next, participants were presented with the 90 study words, each presented randomly and with its own point-value. Words were presented for 2 s, with a fixation cross presented between word-presentations for 0.5 s.
After viewing all study words, participants had to solve a set of 24 basic multiplication and division problems (e.g., 12 ? 12 = _____). This was a distractor task to reduce men- tal rehearsal, and performance was not examined in later analysis. This task was designed to take participants roughly 5 min to complete, and there was an ample 30 s time-limit for responding to prevent participants from spending too much time on any one problem.

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