Assignment – Medical / Nursing tutors

Assignment – Medical / Nursing tutors
Assignment – Medical / Nursing tutors
This task requires you to write a 2,000-word assignment. Before you write your assignment, you will need to:
• Choose one of the following National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards (ACSQHC, 2017) as the topic of your assignment.
Clinical governance (Standard 1)
Partnering with consumers (Standard 2)
Preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infection (Standard 3)
Comprehensive care (Standard 5)
Communicating for safety (Standard 6)
Blood management (Standard 7)
Identify the type of process and outcome data that could be collected, analysed and fed back for improvements in care relevant to your chosen standard. (You may wish to refer to the article by Donabedian, 1988, as a starting point). This area for action aligns with step 2.2 of the Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care (ACSQHC, 2010).
Research the topic of quality and safety in health care in Australia then identify and analyse scholarly literature that is relevant to your assignment topic, namely your:
chosen standard,
a clinical care activity relevant to this standard,
process and outcome data required to monitor outcomes/improvements relevant to the standard.
The HAI Problem Isn’t Going Away
Nosocomial infection is a serious and widespread problem with an estimated 1 in 10 patients acquiring an infection during a hospital stay. In Europe alone, healthcare acquired infections lead to 16 million additional days of hospital stay and €7 billion in direct co
The Research Behind Novaerus
Novaerus technology has been shown to be highly effective and safe for vulnerable populations in dozens of independent clinical studies, laboraory tests, and onsite trials.
Cleaner Air = Cleaner Hands & Surfaces
Infectious aerosols can be extremely small (<5 ?m) and remain suspended and viable in the air stream over long periods of time, resulting in a high risk of airborne infection. Larger infectious particles drop from the air to contaminate surfaces an

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