Assignment: AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE AND AMISH HERITAGE ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE AND AMISH HERITAGE I need replies 2 peers in the discussion board sustained with 2 proper references for each peer that not have more than 5 years. In file, I included the post of the 2 peers. I want 1 paragraph for each one in only 1 page. Assignment: AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE AND AMISH HERITAGE attachment_1 attachment_2 Roxana Tejera Florida National University Nursing Department BSN Program Nur 4636 01/22/2019 Professor Cassandre Milien MSN Discuss the cultural development of the African American and Amish heritage in the United States. African American refers to the African people who were forced to slavery in America during the slavery era. The United States constitution had given a period during which the forced slave trade will be eradicated in all the States. Therefore, after eradication of slave trade in America, the black slaves could not go back to their countries but settled in America as African Americas. African American culture has its roots in Africa. Due to the reasons that most slaves were from western Africa, African American culture is a deep blend of their practices. However, their culture was in the blink of destruction as the slavery roles did not allow African slaves to practice their culture in America. Although some of the cultural traits were lost, the African culture survived and it is now blended in the American culture. For a long period, racial discrimination prevented the growth and mixing of African culture with that of American culture (Purnell, 2013). However, African American descendants liked to maintain and have their own culture embedded in their tradition. Even if this faced stiff opposition from American Racists, they later succeeded, and today African culture dominate most parts of South America. The Amish people came from Europe to America in early 1600 to free from the religious persecution by the state church in Europe. Being white, they never faced racial discrimination as their African counterparts but were allowed to settle and even to own land at the area near Pennsylvania. They are viewed as the people who have great conservative culture. Even though the Americans did not oppose or force them to abandon their culture, Amish culture remains one of the little-known cultures in the United States. This is mainly because it is a more of religious kind of culture which most people view to be conservative. Amish culture though not famous remains in the United States up to date but only among the Amish people. What are the cultural beliefs of the African American and Amish heritage related to health care and how they influence the delivery of evidence-based healthcare? Both African American and Amish heritage culturally believe that things happen because they have been designated by fate to happen in that matter. For instance, an African American believes that good health is a result of luck and success while bad health is as a result of bad omen (Asiodu et al 2015). Therefore, an African American will consult a doctor only after all the home remediesÂ’ have failed. On the same note, an Amish believes that good health is a reward from God and illness can just come as the punishment from God. Therefore, he will not seek the intervention of the doctor unless prayers have not worked at the right time. It is therefore advisable for the nurse dealing with the case of people from these cultures to exhibit high levels of tolerance. Also, the African American culture is characterized by mistrusts from the health caregivers. This is because of the past discriminations they received in the hands of health cares during and after the slave trade period. So unless the health care provider is friendly, they will be very reluctant to share family or personal information (Burkett, 2015). On the same note, Amish had been persecuted in Europe due to their strict believe in God and therefore they fear that they can be persecuted again for believing in God. Thus, in order to give evidence-based healthcare, it is advisable for the health care provider to build a trust relationship with the patients. Assignment: AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE AND AMISH HERITAGE Reference Asiodu, I. V., Waters, C. M., Dailey, D. E., Lee, K. A., & Lyndon, A. (2015). Breastfeeding and use of social media among first?time African American mothers. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing , Burkett, K., Morris, E., Manning-Courtney, P., Anthony, J., & Shambley-Ebron, D. (2015). African American families on autism diagnosis and treatment: The influence of culture. Journal of autism and developmental disorders , 45 (10), Purnell, L. (2013). Transcultural health care . Philadelphia: F.A. Davis. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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