Assignment : Application: Evaluation Project

Assignment : Application: Evaluation Project ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment : Application: Evaluation Project One of the most common ways to accomplish this is to conduct a literature review. A literature review allows one to take a “snapshot” of the established knowledge in a particular area. Using this snapshot, researchers can determine the merit of their research questions and how they may need to modify their research goals. For this part of your Evaluation Project, you create a Literature Review Summary Table and synthesize the current state of research surrounding the PICO question you developed. Assignment : Application: Evaluation Project To prepare: Review the Week 6 Learning Resources on procedures for conducting a literature review. Using your approved PICO question and relevant search terms, locate a minimum of five full-text research articles to use in your literature review. Read through the articles carefully. Eliminate studies that are not appropriate, and add others to your list as needed. Although you may include more, you are expected to include a minimum of five appropriate articles. To complete Part 3 of the Evaluation Project: BY DAY 7 OF WEEK 8 Complete a Literature Review Protocol Summary Table using the template in this week’s Learning Resources. Write a 1-page literature review that synthesizes the findings in the literature related to the question you developed. Explain how the literature demonstrates the significance of your PICO question topic. Describe original conclusions that you derived from the evidence you gathered. Support your synthesis and conclusions using evidence from the literature. PLEASE CHECK THE ATTACHMENTS BEFORE MAKING THE PAPER. THANK YOU. attachment_1 attachment_2 Finalized PICO Question Finalized PICO Question PICO Question Does it mean that if nurses embrace the use of healthcare information system as opposed to old semi-manual processes will result in decreased medication errors? P- Nurses I- Use of healthcare information system C- Old semi-manual processes O- Decreased medication errors In the revised question, I have adopted two suggestions to make the question measurable and specific: P- Replaced healthcare professionals with nurses O-Replaced improved patient care with decreased medication errors I have retained the following variables I-use of healthcare information system C- Old semi-manual processes Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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