Assignment: Aronson Glynn & Squires Article

Assignment: Aronson Glynn & Squires Article ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Aronson Glynn & Squires Article Discussion Rubric The student will be asked to critically analyze a topic or concept discussed in class and submits your comments on a threaded discussion board. The student will be responsible for submitting a weekly, two-part assignment: Part 1: The first part will be a summary of the topic in the student’s own words (200- 250 words) to demonstrate their understanding of the topic. The student is required to cite the book using APA format. For some forum discussions there will also be supplemental material that the student may use to develop the summary; if supplemental content is provided, the student will need to cite at least one of those sources in the summary to demonstrate their application of the knowledge that the student have gained from the lecture and the text. Within the summary the student is also allowed to convey real life experiences, when appropriate, to further develop their point. Activities Assuming a role of a consumer of research, you will need to be savvy at conducting an electronic database search of your identified clinical problem. You will then appraise the studies identified to answer a clinical question. 1. For this week’s discussion you will choose one research article ( one of the four that have been provided on the attachments and identify the theoretical framework. 2. Next you will identify at least one primary source and one secondary source in the reference section which pertains to the theoretical framework. 3. Conduct an electronic database search to locate those articles using Gale-Infotract on LIRN, CINAHL, or ProQuest. Briefly review the abstracts of the articles. 4. Last, conduct an Internet search of the theoretical framework. Identify possible benefits and concerns that you uncovered with using this theoretical framework instead of another. wk_2_article_1.pdf wk_2_article_2.pdf wk_2_article_3.pdf wk_2_article_4.pdf Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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