Assignment: Article Critique Public Health Decoding

Assignment: Article Critique Public Health Decoding
Assignment: Article Critique Public Health Decoding
ARTICLE (Is aspirin associated with diabetic retinopathy? The Singapore Epidemiology of Eye Disease (SEED) study)
Study Guide for the Article Critique
· Before opening the critique questions
· As indicated by your teacher, use the guidelines in Chapter 14 of the text as well as information that has been discussed throughout the course to analyze the article.
· The checklist on pg. 365 of the text may help guide you for the critique.
o Exhibit 14-1 Outline for Critiquing Epidemiologic Studies
· Once you have read the article and are able to articulate answers in your mind for the questions provided on pg. 365 then you may open up
· You will randomly receive 15 questions about the article to answer. These are short-answered questions and are presented in a “test” format.
o Please make sure your responses meet academic writing standards.
o Responses do not need citations or references
o Each question is worth 5 points
o Partial credit is possible
· You are being given 2 hours to complete the questions and submit them to Blackboard. Please note that once you have opened the critique, the 2-hour time window starts and does not stop. Please be mindful of this and ensure that you are prepared and have time available to complete the critique before opening it.
· Questions that are answered after the 2-hour time window will not be graded.
· It is a relatively short research article to read so please do not feel overwhelmed
Questions may include the following:
· Ethical concerns
· Effect modifiers
· Strength of association
· Information bias
· Inclusion criteria
· Exclusion criteria
· Data collection methods
· Statistical test used
· Selection bias
· Statistical significance
· Future implications
· Social change implications
· Research question being asked
· Outcome of interest
· Study limitations
· Study designs
· Representation of the population
Tips for Success:
· It is important to note that research articles are comprised of the following sections:
o Title
o Abstract
o Introduction

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