Assignment: Blockchain Presentation

Assignment: Blockchain Presentation ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Blockchain Presentation I want to do my Seminar Oral Presentation I attached my seminar paper. Assignment: Blockchain Presentation And here are instructions What should be included: 1. Overview2. Summary of Literature Review • Highlight important concepts from literature review – those that are relevant to the seminar project 3. Research Question • Include relevance and significance of the research question 4. Methodology used to complete the project 5. Results and Discussion of Results 6. Future Research 7. Closing 8. Invitation for Questions and Comments Time : 1. Length of presentation: 25-30 minutes attachment_1 Running Head: CRYPTOCURRENCY Use of Cryptocurrency Among Undergraudate Students 1 2 CRYPTOCURRENCY Abstract Although many people in modern society equate blockchain with smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin, the technology has huge potential to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals look at enterprise and governance risk management, and to help businesses and governments in solving human rights impacts. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that was implemented using the blockchain technology. This paper examines the scope of knowledge of blockchain and bitcoin among the student population, and to establish the usage of cryptocurrencies among undergraduate students in relation to non-undergraduate students. To obtain the number of users of Bitcoin, participants were asked to determine whether they were enrolled in technology-related courses. To get a deeper insight, research questions were mainly identified whether or not the undergraduate students use Bitcoin, to identified the total number of undergraduate students that use bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies used by undergraduate students as an alternative to bitcoin, to figured out the percentage of the student population has any knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and specifically bitcoin, and identitied the primary transactions made using bitcoin by undergraduate students. These research questions were significant in understanding the uptake of Blockchain and Bitcoin technology among the youths. The results obtained from the study were that 61 percent of the undergraduate participants had background information on the cryptocurrency, while 42 percent of the non-undergraduate precipitants had background information about bitcoin. From the results, it is clear the majority of popular cryptocurrency among all the respondents is bitcoin. The study further established that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency among the respondents because it has the highest market capitalization. The major implication of the study 3 CRYPTOCURRENCY is that it helps in understanding the relationship between uptake of Blockchain technology, and especially Bitcoin and the level of understanding these cryptocurrencies technologies. Key Terms: Bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, undergraduate students. Introduction Statement of the problem The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been exponentially increasing since the invention of bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Since the introduction of the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – more than 1000 crypto-tokens and altcoins have been created. The high adoption rate of cryptocurrencies is motivated by its associated privacy, non-regulation, decentralization, better security, and diversification (Frankenfield, 2019). Despite the high adoption rate of bitcoin, there is still a large population that has little or no information about cryptocurrencies. According to a study by Nerantzaki et al.,in 2017 the potential users of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lack vital information associated with bitcoin’s ease of use, usefulness, benefits, and security. Consequently, this group of people is reluctant to adopt bitcoin. There is a significant variation in the demographics of bitcoin users.Assignment: Blockchain Presentation A study by Coidance in 2019 established that 95.2% of bitcoin users are male, and the average age of cryptocurrency users is 33 years. Other factor established in the study that affect the demographic variation of bitcoin users are geographical locations, political orientation, hobbies, and profession. CRYPTOCURRENCY 4 The use of cryptocurrencies requires basic technological knowledge. Basic technological knowledge relating to computer usage is required to set up a cryptocurrency wallet, make a transaction, and to mine cryptocurrencies. Purpose of the research This project is aimed at carrying out research to establish the scope of knowledge of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies among the student population, and to establish the usage of cryptocurrencies among undergraduate students in relation to non- undergraduate students. It is stated that a large percentage of people who readily accept and use cryptocurrencies are under 28 years old with basic technological knowledge. Most of the young group of people who readily adopt the use of cryptocurrencies are found in academic institutions such as colleges and universities; hence, this study aims to find out the truth in this statement. This research study aimed to answer the following five research questions. (1) Do undergraduate students use Bitcoin? (2) What is the total number of undergraduate students that use bitcoin? (3) What other cryptocurrencies are used by undergraduate students as an alternative to bitcoin? (4) What portion of the student population has any knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and specifically bitcoin? (5) What are the primary transactions made using bitcoin by undergraduate students? Relevance and Significance Cryptocurrencies promise a transparent, efficient, reliable and secure mode of payments. Start-ups and other already established companies have created cryptocurrencies for making profits in Initial Coin Offerings and cryptocurrency trading. 5 CRYPTOCURRENCY Successful execution of the project will broaden the understanding of the demographics of bitcoin users; also, it will equip readers with knowledge about the basic information relating to bitcoin usage. Literature Review Introduction According to Faber & Jonker(2018), it has been eight years since the bitcoin and blockchain technology came to be known. Individuals have been explicitly executing this new technology on peer-to-peer networking without necessarily putting their hopes in banks. In 2009, various trades were seen adopting bitcoin technology. Most of the experts and fashioners have been utilizing the positive stories behind the new technology in an attempt to lure more individuals into accepting the new system of payment. According to Lee & Low(2018), bitcoin is a digital virtual coin that is created and controlled by a wide range of servers and framework over the systems. It is produced and utilized through cryptographic procedures where encryption or security is highly taken into consideration. By using the encryption procedure, this cryptocurrency is free of power. Assignment: Blockchain Presentation It means that the blockchain technology is fundamentally a combination of a chain of squares joined together through encryption and decoding techniques (cryptography). Any square in blockchain contains a piece of value-based information, a scrambled hash of the past square, and the time stamp of the exchange, according to Lee & Low(2018). Purpose The purpose of this review is to show the importance of bitcoin in connection to finding the relationship between bitcoin and blockchain technology. In addition, the research examines 6 CRYPTOCURRENCY how the blockchain technology acts as the most secure system in business transactions and has managed to get its market value in the global business markets within a short period of time. This review will also show the effects associated with the use of this cryptocurrency. Overview The blockchain is an exceptionally confined and secured cryptography database, as stated by Chen, Wang, & Zhang(2018). It implies that the sections of squares in the blockchain are the bitcoin exchanges. Square are financial service merchants responsible for software and hardware payments of the blockchain. The blockchain is appended by the scrambled hash work or cryptographic system and records every development of bitcoin. It does so by making the blockchain database of each transaction over the policies, in which numerous PCs or frameworks are linked. The transactions’ information is checked to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of secured payments. Once the bitcoins have been mined, i.e the process of transgfering new bitcoin transcations to the past records, they are stored in a crypto wallet. This is an line wallet that is used to store, send and receive bitcoins.It is from here that the business stages follow allowing people to acquire and move bitcoins (Wust & Gervais, 2018). The process of exchange involves individuals globally who use the system after signing up for the bitcoin-related trades. It is the reason that the process of the formation of these cryptocurrencies is depicted as “mining.” In addition, Hinckeldeyn & Jochen(2018) states that the fact that the coins are securely stored in a crypto wallet makes the majority of the users trust in these blockchain technology systems. Since its inception in the global markets, there have been many questions and misunderstandings regarding the new technology. For instance, many have been asking about risks involved with purchasing the coins. This question is similar to what people or companies 7 CRYPTOCURRENCY ask when a new technology comes into existence. The blockchain technology utilizes a programming software that connects with the Internet and also enables ATMs to be used to purchase and move these coins, a component that bank tellers do not apply. (Hinckeldeyn & Jochen, 2018). Wust & Gervais(2018) say that blockchain technology is a new technology that needs to be embraced by people. With blockchain, no trades can be missed or exchange completed without the consent of the users involved. The central zone where blockchain causes an impact regarding transactions is guaranteeing the authenticity of a trade and by recording it in a database through a secured endorsement segment (Wust & Gervais, 2018). Assignment: Blockchain Presentation This is a safe databse where all transction are stored. Background History of Bitcoin and Blockchain In 2008, bitcoin emerged as the first cryptocurrency. Ten years before the emergence of the cryptocurrency, Wei Dai, a computer engineer, had introduced the idea of this currency. He talked about the concept of a digital currency that could be transferred over an untraceable digital pseudonym. In the same period, Nick Szabo, the pioneer of blockchain, attempted Bit Gold (Chohan, 2017). Both strategies were not launched, but they became an integral part of the inspiration for bitcoin. The first block of the bitcoin network was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, who expertly steered the blockchain technology. This first mined block is also called the Genesis Block. On May 22, 2010, the first purchase made with bitcoin was recorded when Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. Since that period the Bitcoin has gained ground reaching parity with the US Dollar between 2011 and 2013. CRYPTOCURRENCY 8 Blockchain, on the other hand, dates back to 1991 where Stuart Haber and W. Scott, both scientists, emerged with a computationally practical solution which was used to time-stamp digital documents( Alam, 2019). The time-stamping was to prevent backdating or tampering with digital records. This strategy utilized a cryptographically secured chain of blocks where the timestamped documents were stored. However, the technology was unused with the lapse of the patent in 2004, which was a few years before the introduction of the Bitcoin. Notably, blockchain technology is unique in that it eliminates the need for any intermediaries creating a decentralized pattern that empowers all the users ( Alam, 2019). Central Realities about Bitcoin As far as understanding bitcoin is concerned, it is a cryptographic type of cash that is in the spotlight in the global market. It is a kind of mechanized virtual money, made and coordinated by an arrangement of a various number of PCs known as companions, using encryption methods. Blockchain is a restricted database, whose inputs are based on the degree of crypto trades involved. The blockchain covers automated record trades (Sloss, 2018). The contrast from real money is that the blockchain is decentralized, and it is an open technology that records transactions based on the partners involved. So people can see previous trades, but no one can change them without authorization. It shows that the blockchain development is reliable and safe (Nakamoto, 2019). Crypto coins are conveyed by the affiliated interface, which is a hardware circuit that links hardware and software components, in the users’ PC in the back ground and takes care of the intensity of the mining process using exceptional programming to comprehend faulty computations. Besides, the power of the front line PCs are highly employed in the process CRYPTOCURRENCY 9 (Pagliery, 2014). But where exactly are bitcoins secured? According to Paglier(2014), a crypto wallet is software that keeps private keys (long code PIN) and is the spot where cryptocurrencies are secured. These coded keys are related to open codes, which are labeling concepts used for developing properties and dimensions. The most effective way of understanding this is thinking about it as a secure relationship between an individual’s PIN and records. It empowers the miner to verify, modify, and place portions in the mined cryptocurrencies (Pagliery, 2014).Assignment: Blockchain Presentation Bitcoin, as indicated by Lee and Low(2018), has not transformed into the elective portion structure for clients that was projected and targeted eight years earlier(Lee & Low, 2018). This measn that it has not reached its target customers and numbers as it was expected. The allembracing collection of the cryptographic cash is driven by different factors including the reputation of miners as well as the founders of the new technology and the degree to which other cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin continue to flood the market intensely. In any case, paying little attention to whatever else, including a couple of individual miners can cut over the language and perceptions surrounding the blockchain technology and its adoption in most of the firms today. This belief can move if crypto-based trades end up requesting less of what future expectations people are expecting from this new technological advancement. The same can enable people to build hope in progress. Rather than rehashing in old perfect models, bitcoin ought to be clutched and fully adopted as another better method to deal with the payment of goods and services, as explained by Pagliery(2014). How Does Blockchain Help Fight Distortion? Skinner (2016) states that the blockchain merges the mechanized records into squares. Such squares cryptographically and consecutively make a chain, connecting frameworks. CRYPTOCURRENCY 10 Skinner continues to denote that any new square is included beyond what many would consider the possible blockchain effects. The method of encryption is known as hashing and is performed by ‘n’ amount of PCs over the framework. Each square figure equally propels calculation and has a noticeable mechanized imprint in it. This is digital stamp that is used for marking or identifying something. At the point when another square is enrolled, the part of the equal square gets noticed. Getting noticed implies that the coin is ready for tnsactions. The information on this square cannot be changed or altered; thus, individuals can not improve the present old information. Appropriated Network The blockchain has the capability to record transactions containing data which is shared between PCs every so often. There is no central authority in the blockchain technology. The organization and approval of the data spread over the entire framework and direct matters indicates that there is no room to submit any form of distortion. On the same note, Pagliery(2014) notes that there are various systems used by guilty parties to influence data. For instance, a segment of the standard practices indicates that data is first consolidated before deleting or altering data in the records, making archives degenerate or change. Blockchain keeps away such kind of malicious activity in its system. The people from a business framework or stock system as well as the administrators watch fast and check to affirm the methods from the beginning to the end. The present data can record the background of the favorable position of trade based on how individuals from the framework carry out their respective transactions. In case individuals wish to change the data on the squares or adjust the chain, one needs control over the entire or a vast portion of the structures (Skinner, 2016). Assignment: Blockchain Presentation CRYPTOCURRENCY 11 Consistency Whenever enlisted, the data or trade on a square or blockchain cannot be changed or deleted. It shows the transaction is perpetual such that before a square is confined and annexed to the chain, all the framework individuals need to agree with the data on the square. After recording, the square is accepted and given a time-stamp, after which it is linked to the previous square on the chain. If one wishes, he or she can make another trade, but in any case, it will not impact the successful available data in the squares. While working on a conventional production network, which is characterized by monotonous, extensive, and time-consuming factors, organizations are inclined to a greater danger of information issues. With blockchain resources, the unchanging exchange history means false information can be avoided (Swan, 2018). Blockchain can be Permissible There is a great deal of classified information engaged with organizations offering access to blockchain and bitcoin transactions (Sloss, 2018). To guarantee safety, the organization’s data and insiders cannot regenerate the records, and there must be a systematic framework in place to make such a request. A blockchain system can be based on consent or non-authorization that relies on the sorting and arrangement of the blockchain. Such consent works incredibly by forestalling malpractices as they put a limitation on who can get to the framework and who cannot (Sloss, 2018). They are otherwise called private blockchains. It has a configurable TPS rate so people can play out a higher number of activities every second in contrast with an open system. It offers propelled control which helps organizations to access the blockchain and update the work progress quickly. Therefore there is no reason to give evidence of work in the event of the private blockchain (Chen, Wang, & Zhang, 2018). 12 CRYPTOCURRENCY Current Trends in Blockchain & Bitcoin Trends are general forecasting to an aspect that is continuously developing and therefore changing in nature. In the world of business, the trend is a gradual change pattern in which the business activities change with technological changes or advancements (Davidson, 2017). The blockchain and bitcoin market have been changing with technology to ensure that effectiveness and efficiency are attained. Bitcoin out, Altcoins in Trend The current trend denotes that the popularity of bitcoins is over and has led to the creation of opportunities for the introduction of other cryptocurrencies, which are called altcoins. One of the projects relating to these cryptocurrencies is the Digi byte- a token designed for cybersecurity (Wust & Gervais, 2018). It has been the fastest as well as the most scalable blockchain globally due to the choices of design and the multi-algorithm mining and the decrease of the blockchain times. The other kind of cryptocurrency which became well known is a ripple. Ripple was designed for organizations for money transfers. In this regards, ripples are becoming integrated into financial institutions and being embraced by many companies like Micrososft,Wikipedia, and many others all over the world (Wust & Gervais, 2018). The Darwin Effect (evolution) in the ICO market and the Technological Revolution Consequently, the current trend has led to the capital in the markets being directed to the projects which will have stronger user cases. After the boom of ICO in 2017 and 2018, respectively, it is expected that there will be more evolution in the market share. There have been CRYPTOCURRENCY 13 many cryptocurrencies being launched over the last years which were poorly … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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