Assignment: Comment Audre

Assignment: Comment Audre
Assignment: Comment Audre
As health care continues to evolve, technology will continue to grow and support the needs of patients. Health care technology improves the safety and care of patients, increases the efficiency of health care delivery, and facilitates clinical decision making (Healthy People 2020, n.d.). My EBP project of early mobility of ICU patients would include the use of the electronic medical record (EMR) as a way for nurses to assess and implement mobilization. In an article by Drotlet et al. (2013), a nurse-driven mobility protocol was used to assess patients within 72 hours of arrival to ICU. This protocol gave the nurses the ability to order physical therapy and increased the number of patients participating in early mobility (Drotlet, et al., 2013). The assessment tool would include contraindications and vital sign requirements needed for patients to participate in mobility exercises. If the assessment indicated the patient was eligible the nurse could then order physical therapy. While the protocol in nurse-driven, physical therapy still needs to be involved to ensure the safety of the patient. After the initial evaluation, nurses can continue with the mobility plan of care.
Unfortunately I will not be able to create an assessment tool to evaluate patient’s eligibility to participate in early mobility, but I will still use the EMR to gather data on patients that may be able to participate in mobilization. To add a document into Cerner, Banner’s EMR, would require submission to and approval of the clinical informatics group which takes months, if the change were to even be approved.
Drotlet, A., Dejulio, P., Harkless, S., Hendricks, S., Kamin, E., Leddy, E., & Williams, S. (2013). Move to imporve: The feasibility of using an early mobility protocol to increase ambulation in the intensive and intermediate care settings. Physical Therapy, 197-207.
Healthy People 2020. (n.d.). Health communication and health information technology. Retrieved from Healthy People 2020:

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