Assignment: Design Project

Assignment: Design Project ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Design Project I need you to write introduction and background. write about design number (3) in the green book. All the information that you need are in files. Assignment: Design Project attachment_1 attachment_2 WIDENER UNIVERSITY Department of Civil Engineering CE 250 Dr. Mersky Spring, 2018 20 Points Design Project A four-lane highway of design speed 55 MPH currently ends at sta.12 in the village of Northern Babaganoosh. An extension is planned to connect Northern Babaganoosh with the central business district of South Pita. Your first assignment, as an employee of the firm of Salad Engineering (we’re so environmentally aware that even our name is organic), is to design a curve connecting the existing highway with the new South Pita Extension. Your design will include the horizontal and vertical alignment of the connector. Your design must contain the following: 1. A report clearly showing: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Starting and ending stations of the horizontal curve Horizontal curve center line offsets every 20 feet Horizontal curve center line external distance Normal crown on tangents Lane and shoulder widths Superelevation rate Locations of all superelevation transition points (A-E) Starting and ending stations of the vertical curve Vertical elevations of the center line every 20 feet Station and elevation of maximum vertical elevation At least 2 CAD drawings. Justification of all selected design values including: o o o o o Side friction factor Superelevation Length of horizontal curve Length of vertical curve Use or nonuse of transition spirals 2. An appendix with your calculations clearly organized and labeled. Your design must consider: ? ? ? ? AASHTO requirements, specifications and recommendations Cultural and environmental impacts Current events Economic costs The following information is available: The existing highway approaches sta. 12 from the southwest at 210o counterclockwise from 0o. The South Pita extension direction will be southeast at 30o clockwise from 0o. The existing highway is horizontally tangent approaching sta.12. PI for the curve will be at sta. 12. Vertical grade of the existing highway is +2o. The South Pita extension will have a grade of -3%. The VPI of the grades occurs at the mid-station of the horizontal curve. The Eggplant Rock Historic Site (marking the location of the first commercial farm in Northern Babaganoosh) is centered 30 feet directly south of the inner edge of the current highway terminus and 11 feet east of the existing highway edge. It is round with a diameter of 6 feet. Rainfall infiltration within a distance of 2 feet from Eggplant Rock is an important aquifer recharge. Any infiltration reduction of more than 30% would cause irrigation deficits. The residential area of Northern Babaganoosh begins 60 feet directly north of sta. 12. In the Spring, endangered Atlantic Condors migrate over Northern Babaganoosh as low as 160? above mean sea level. While Atlantic Condors can avoid slow moving objects, they often cannot avoid vehicles traveling above 50 MPH (which largely explains why they are endangered). Surveying and construction costs for vertical curves are assumed to be $100.00/ft more than construction costs of grade tangents. Surveying and construction costs for horizontal curves are assumed to be $80.00/ft greater than construction costs for horizontal tangents. Excavation and removal of soil for crest curves costs $2.00 per cubic foot. Elevation at sta. 12 is 150’ above mean sea level. Your design must be consistent with the 2001 Green Book. … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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