Assignment: Emergency Nurses Association

Assignment: Emergency Nurses Association
Assignment: Emergency Nurses Association
The ENA Connection is a publication that is shared monthly by the Emergency Nurses Association. This would be an excellent place to share my evidence-based project idea on reducing violence and enhancing safety in healthcare facilities and addressing the issue of bullying within the nursing profession. The publication covers many issues in emergency nursing including, education on grant funding, medical issues, shared governence, quality control, effective management, current trends in nursing, and using evidence-based solutions in our practice.
The Emergency Nurses Association holds conferences both regionally and nationally. I recently attended an ENA regional confernce in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I think that a regional conference would be the perfect place to present my EBP project ideas. As emergency workers, I feel they understand the need for increased security measures in our healthcare facilities, as well as the need to address the issue of lateral violence in the form of burse to nurse bullying. It is truely a problem in our profession that is drastically affecting the ability of healthcare organizations to recruit and most importantly-retain good nurses.
If I were to choose a professional journal to present my EBP project, I would choose the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. This journal is published monthly and focuses on all aspects of autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities that are related to autism. I feel that presenting the information that I have gathered about the importance of improving communication among adults with ASD would be beneficial to those who would read this journal. I feel that my topic would fall under the category of a review article that they state are solicited in target areas of interest (Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 2019).
If I were to present my EBP project at a conference, I believe that the Navigating Autism Today conference sponsored by Autism Alliance of Michigan would be a good place to do this. This is a conference for families as well as professionals. Families get to attend for free so I feel there would be a better turnout due to that. Presenting to a mixture of family and professionals I feel would be important because if those with ASD are taught from an early age how to use augmented alternative forms of communication like the AAC board then when they reach adulthood it would already be a part of their normal communication. If they were to enter into a group home or attend a medical appointment as an adult and had already been using these alternative forms of communication since childhood, that would make life much easier on them and those taking care of them to know what their wants and needs were to reduce stress, anxiety, and behaviors.

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