Assignment: Ethical Concerns Of Meeting Elders’ Medical Needs

Assignment: Ethical Concerns Of Meeting Elders’ Medical Needs
Assignment: Ethical Concerns Of Meeting Elders’ Medical Needs
After reviewing the ethical concerns of meeting elders’ medical needs,
Do you believe age should be a basis for rationing Healthcare?
Examples of applicable Nurse of the Future: Nursing Core Competencies:
Knowledge (K8) Understands how healthcare issues are identified, how healthcare policy is both developed and changed
Skills (S8) Participates as a nursing professional in political processes and grassroots legislative efforts to influence healthcare policy
Attitudes/Behaviors (A8) Recognizes how the healthcare process can be influenced through the efforts of nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as lay and special advocacy groups.
Reproduced from Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. (2016). Nurse of the future: Nursing
core competencies: Registered nurse. Retrieved from
World War I and World War II presented threats to the organization, but the ICN emerged with greater participation from nurses in nations that had not previously participated in the organization. New members after World War I included China, Palestine, Brazil, and the Philippines. After World War II, there was again an influx of new membership that included nations from Africa, Asia, and South America. With an increasingly diverse membership, the ICN implemented a more global agenda. During
the time of the Cold War when Russia, China, and nations in Eastern Europe did not participate, the ICN still defined the work of nurses worldwide and claimed the right to speak for nursing. During the decades that followed, the ICN forged closer links with the World Health Organization, added to its agenda the delivery of primary health care to people around the world, and actively supported the rights of nurses to fair employment and freedom from exploitation (Brush & Lynaugh, 1999).
Currently located in Geneva, Switzerland, the ICN has grown into a federation of more than 130 national nurses associations, representing the more than 16 million nurses worldwide. ICN is the world’s first and widest reaching international organization for health professionals, working to ensure high-quality nursing care for all, sound health policies globally, the advancement of nursing knowledge, and the presence worldwide of a respected nursing profession and a competent and satisfied nursing workforce (ICN, n.d.).
Conclusion Contemplating the progression of nursing as a profession, it becomes evident from the preceding pages that similar issues, barriers, challenges, and opportunities were simultaneously present in locations around the globe. In each circumstance, nursing leaders arose to initiate change; whether related to nurse registration, standards for nursing education, or safe work environments, their ultimate goal was the provision of high-quality patient care. The history of professional nursing began with efforts to reach that goal, and we continue in this quest as our nursing organizations endeavor to develop and revise accreditation standards for programs of nursing, examine practice competencies, and review criteria for licensure.

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