Assignment: father of utilitarianism

Assignment: father of utilitarianism
Assignment: father of utilitarianism
1. Who is considered the father of utilitarianism?
2. Which of the following would be an expression of rule utilitarianism rather than act utilitarianism?
3. Why does Mill call utilitarianism a “more profoundly religious [doctrine] than any other”?
4. What does the utilitarian mean by the term “wrong actions”?
5. Suppose a society believes that throwing an innocent boy into a volcano will keep the volcano from erupting—and therefore save hundreds of lives. What variety of utilitarian thought does this action represent?
6. Utilitarianism claims that morally right actions, policies, or laws are those whose consequences have the greatest positive value and least negative value __________.
7. All of the following can make it difficult to calculate an action’s utility EXCEPT
8. What would not be a utilitarian argument on same­sex couples being allowed to marry?
9. According to Mill, how can we determine the difference between higher and lower pleasures?
10. According to John Stuart Mill, utilitarianism takes into account the happiness of
11. Among the following scenarios, which is MOST likely to be morally right according to utilitarianism
12. Utilitarianism and consequentialism more broadly are ethical theories that __________.
13. If someone were to question the value of scientific research on utilitarian grounds, which of the following would be the likeliest reason?
14. “Respect for persons” is the basis of a common objection to utilitarianism. The argument states that a utilitarian does not adequately respect the dignity and rights of the individual. Which of the following stories from this text BEST reflects that objection?
15. According to John Stuart Mill, what is the ultimate purpose of everything we do?
16. LeBron is writing a paper on how utilitarianism applies to animals. Which statement would be an example of the objectivity (scientific rationality) of utilitarianism?
17. Kathleen is a girls’ soccer coach who lies now and then to her young team in order to keep up their spirits and guarantee they have fun, even if they are not the best players in the league. Kathleen’s lying could be an example of utilitarian __________.
18. What is the BEST meaning of the term “the irreducible plurality of values”?
19. Which of the following statements is a common misconception about utilitarian philosophy?
20. Which of the following is the BEST example of an action that was morally wrong because the advantages to the majority were outweighed by the suffering of the minority?

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