Assignment: Forensic Psychology Presentation

· Option 3: Forensic Psychology Presentation
Popular television shows have created a heightened interest in criminal profiling as a career. The subtlety and complexity of profiling skills are much too difficult to learn by simply studying texts and attending lectures. Assume you have been asked to address the staff of an FBI criminalist school about how to best teach these difficult skills. You have decided to base one 10-minute portion of your presentation to transfer of learning, which you believe is one of the most effective ways to teach complex skills.
Watch the “Criminal Profiling Research Project” video available on the student website.
Prepare a PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes explaining how some of the concepts and skills of criminal profiling can be trained in criminalists by transfer of learning.
Address the following in your presentation:
· How the interviews conducted by Robert Ressler in the video can be considered examples of transfer of learning
· How the art of profiling is more adaptable to a seminar or discussion form of learning transfer than a didactic form
My part ——-Best ways to teach skills of profiling (difficult skill to learn) (using transfer of learning concepts)

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