Assignment: group counseling lies

Assignment: group counseling lies
Assignment: group counseling lies
Assignment:A major difference between group therapy and group counseling lies in
1. A major difference between group therapy and group counseling lies in:
a. the techniques employed to facilitate the process of interaction
b. the goals of the process.
c. The age of the participants
d. The theoretical orientation of the group leader.
2. Which type of group focuses on remediation, treatment, and personality reconstruction?
a. support groups
b. counseling groups
c. therapy groups
d. self-help groups
e. structured groups
3. What does a member have a right to expect before making the decision of whether or not to join a particular group?
a. a discussion of the rights and responsibilities of group members
b. a clear statement regarding the purpose of the group
c. a pregroup interview
d. information about the training and qualifications of the group leader
e. all of the above
4. Confidentiality in groups is:
a. a legal right of every member.
b. something that members can be guaranteed.
c. limited by state laws.
d. an absolute that can never be broken.
5. According to ASGW’s ethical guidelines, group leaders are expected to protect confidentiality of members by:
a. clearly defining what confidentiality means.
b. explaining to members why it is important.
c. discussing the difficulties involved in enforcement.
d. all of the above.
Match the following definitions with the specific group skills listed.
6. Opening up clear and direct communication among members; helping members to assume increasing responsibility for the group’s direction
a. suggesting
b. facilitating
c. goal setting
d. giving feedback
e. none of the above
7. Offering possible explanations for certain thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior.
a. interpreting
b. evaluation
c. giving feedback
d. active listening
e. all of the above
8. Saying in slightly different words what a member has said to clarify its meaning
a. reflecting feelings
b. supporting
c. facilitating
d. restating
e. none of the above
9. Grasping the essence of a message at both the feeling and the thinking levels; simplifying client statements by focusing on the core of the message
a. active listening
b. clarifying
c. restating
d. summarizing
e. interpreting
The following questions refer to the aims and desired outcomes of specific group leadership skills. Match the initial statement (desired outcome. with the term that is the appropriate leadership skill.
10. To prepare members to assimilate, integrate, an apply in-group learning to everyday life
a. modeling
b. suggesting
c. interpreting
d. initiating
e. terminating

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