Assignment: Health Behavior Research Paper

Assignment: Health Behavior Research Paper
Assignment: Health Behavior Research Paper
The health issue is Suicide among cancer patients
1- Describe the health behavior/issue and how it is specifically related to your population (e.g. cigarette smoking and neuropathy in diabetic patients).
2- Segment your population audience.
3- Identify and analyze existing methods and strategies of preventive communication for the chosen health behavior/practice.
Use reliable sources as peer reviewed journals and trusted professional websites.
Guideline 13: “Avoid inefficient language elements.” One main target of domain specific modeling is to raise the level of abstraction. Therefore, the main artifacts users deal with are the input models and not the generated code. On the other hand, the generated code is necessary to run the final system and more important, the generated code determines significant properties of the system such as efficiency. Hence, the language developer should try to generate efficient code.
Furthermore, efficiency of a model should be transparent to the language user and therefore should only depend on the model itself and not on specific elements used within the model. Elements which would lead to inefficient code should be avoided already during language design so that only the language user is able to introduce inefficiency [8]. For example, in Java there is no operator to get all instances of one class as this would increase memory usage and oper- ating time significantly. However, this functionality can be implemented by a Java user if needed.
2.4 Concrete Syntax Concrete syntax has to be chosen well in order to have an understandable, well structured language. Thus, we con- centrate on the concrete syntax first and will deal with the abstract syntax later.
Guideline 14: “Adopt existing notations domain experts use.” As [20] says, it is generally useful to adopt what- ever formal notation the domain experts already have, rather than inventing a new one.
Computer experts and especially language designers are usually very practiced in learning new languages. On the contrary, domain experts often use a language for a longer time and do not want to learn a new concrete syntax es- pecially when they already have a notation for a certain problem. As already mentioned, it is often the case that the introduction of a DSL makes new tools and modified pro- cesses necessary. Inventing a new concrete syntax for given concepts would raise the barrier for domain experts. Thus, existing notations should be adopted as much as possible. E.g., queries within the database domain should be defined with SQL instead of inventing a new query language. Even if queries are only part of a new language to be defined SQL could be embedded within the new language.

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