Assignment: Healthcare Delivery and Evidenced –Based Nursing Practice

Assignment: Healthcare Delivery and Evidenced –Based Nursing Practice
QUESTION 1: Healthcare Delivery and Evidenced –Based Nursing Practice
The registered nurse working in the cardiac care clinic is tasked with implementing quality improvement measures. To educate the clinic staff, the nurse plans an in-service program to introduce concepts of quality improvement and evidence-based practice. Additionally, the role of the case manager will be included in the presentation. The nurse plans on using care of the patient with Congestive Heart Failure as a template, and prepares sample clinical pathways, care maps, and multidisciplinary action plans. (Learning Objective 3)
a. Describe how clinical pathways are used to coordinate care of caseloads of patients.
b. What is the role of the case manager in evaluating a patient’s progress?
c. What are examples of evidence-based practice tools used for planning patient care?
QUESTION 2: Community-Based Nursing Practice
Mrs. Johnson, a 67-year-old female patient, has recently been discharged from the hospital following an admission for COPD. She has a past medical history of a colon resection related to acute diverticulitis. She developed a surgical wound infection that requires daily wet to dry wound packing and IV Zosyn. Mrs. Johnson was discharged with home oxygen. To manage her care at home, home care visits were ordered. (Learning Objective 5).
a. What would be involved in setting up the first home care visit?
b. Describe the nursing assessments and management that would occur during the visit.

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