Assignment: Healthcare Provider

Assignment: Healthcare Provider
Assignment: Healthcare Provider
This week students are going to focus on Chapter 14 Reading. Students will choose a procedure listed in the chapter reading. You will pretend that you are a Healthcare Provider and explain the procedure to the patient. Please discuss the procedure in detail (language that the patient will understand), side effects, long term outlook of the procedure.
Then choose 10 terms related to the procedure (listed in the chapter reading), define the term, and explain how it is related to the procedure
The initial discussion post must be at least 250 words of content, referencing the reading of the week, and include a scholarly source.
2.3 Health-care professionals (doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc.)
Hospitals, doctors, nurses, clinics, nursing homes, medical practitioners, nutritionists and dieticians, and others are among the healthcare providers.
Patients go to hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to seek a diagnosis for any type of injury or condition.
Doctors and other medical personnel guarantee that patients receive the best possible care and diagnosis.
Hospitals must keep track of their patients’ records, diagnoses, medical bills, and other pertinent information.
E-platforms make it easier to keep track of all of a patient’s information and records.
These documents must be supplied with insurance companies in order to receive payments through insurance claims.
Blockchain-based solutions make it easier to share records and reports with insurance firms while also ensuring data security.
These records are frequently exchanged with other health institutions or doctors for consultation on a specific scenario or ailment, and blockchain solutions can ensure that data is not misused.
Patients have access controls for sharing data, so they can restrict the usage and distribution of data at any moment.
Doctors and nurses can also utilize programs to track the progress of a diagnosis and look for summarized reports.
This allows them to gain a deeper knowledge of the situation in a shorter amount of time.

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