Assignment: Homosexuality

Assignment: Homosexuality
Assignment: Homosexuality
Instructions: The question is worth 10 points. Your response must be a minimum of 50 words and show comprehension of the topic through providing examples, related information, information gathered from research, etc. You must note where your sources came from! The discussion board question is meant to engage your critical thinking skills! Please be respectful of varied thoughts, opinions, etc. Each question should be answered individually.
Discussion 1
Question-Introduction and Research (75points): Is homosexuality biologically based or not? Provide specific examples and research to support your response.
Discussion 2
Question- Motivation (75points): Everyone has preferences when it comes to mate selection! Individuals have an “ideal mate” and sometimes make extensive lists to find that person. In knowing that we have varied preferences, what motivates one’s behavior in seeking out certain individuals as a mate? Does cultural, evolutionary, social ideas, etc play a part?
IN OUR IMMEDIATELY post-Don’t Ask Don’t Tell society, Stuart Biegel’s The Right to Be Out invites us to create a public education system where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) equality is a reality.
Biegel’s clear and concise book succeeds in shining “a light on issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity in American public education.” Beyond this, the book could be an important resource for lesbian and gay educators, school administrators and staff, and their allies.
Stuart Biegel is a gay educator who remained closeted until 2003 and whose coming out process clearly influenced his decision to write this book. Biegel outlines 30 years of free speech and anti-discrimination litigation in the “limited pubic forum” of public education (Part I) and then, based on these findings, reviews programs and curricular changes that better support LGBT students in public education (Part II).
Currently a faculty member at UCLA, Biegel has published on education law and technology law and policy; he served as a consultant on equal educational opportunity to both the ACLU of Northern California and the National Education Association (NEA). His expertise in these areas clearly shapes the emphasis of The Right to Be Out, focusing on rights won through the courts and the often slow process by which these rights can be translated into changing social conditions.

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