Assignment: How Learning Environment Shapes Personality

How Learning Environment Shapes Personality
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the webpage for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), the Harvey, Luiselli, & Wong, (2009) article, and review the APA’s required for this week.
In your initial post:
Applied behavior analysis is a rapidly growing area of learning psychology. Based on the information in the required web page and article, describe what you think it would be like to be an applied behavior analyst is a school setting.
Analyze and describe how the APA’s might affect the implementation of behavior modification principles.
Examine the behavioral analysis approach to personality psychology and discuss whether personality shapes behavior or behavior shapes personality. Use evidence from the resources to support your statements.
Evaluate the cultural implications of addressing and treating mental health issues in standardized school settings.
Describe the benefits this type of approach might have for students.
Prenatal Care Although prenatal care varies enormously from one woman to another, it usually involves a defined schedule of visits for medical care, which typically includes screening for manageable conditions and treatable diseases that can affect the baby or the mother. In addition to medical care, prenatal programs often include comprehensive educational, social, and nutritional services (Kroll-Desrosiers & others, 2016). Information about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and caring for the newborn can be especially valuable for first-time mothers (McDonald & others, 2015). Prenatal care is also very important for women in poverty and immigrant women because it links them with Page 63other social services (Mazul, Salm Ward, & Ngui, 2016). A recent study found that adequacy of prenatal care was associated with very low birth weight (Xaverius & others, 2016).

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