Assignment: How to handle suicidal client

Assignment: How to handle suicidal client
Assignment: How to handle suicidal client
You got a call from a high school student named Marco who claims he has just received an email from another student threatening to. Marco isn’t sure where the student sent the email from. Write a brief (3-4 paragraphs) report on how you should proceed, including what you should do first in the situation.
Design a New School
This Assignment assesses the following course outcomes:
HN 377-6: Design ethical interventions to serve children and adolescents.
PC1.1: Work in teams to achieve collective goals.
Team Peer Evaluation Worksheet located in doc sharing.
You have noticed several schools in your community have been reporting failing scores and are struggling to engage students. In this Assignment you will be working with a group of peers to design a new school to serve the children in your community. The design of the school will be based on what you have learned about the concept of multiple intelligences through your textbook and at least two additional sources.
Create a minimum 15 slide PowerPoint presentation incorporating the following elements:
Compare and contrast traditional theories on intelligence with Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences.
Based on what you have learned about the theory of multiple intelligences, describe how students in your new school would be grouped.
List the subject areas that would be taught in your school and describe how learning would be assessed.
Describe how Gardner’s theory would help shape the layout of the school.
Explore the characteristics and strengths that the teaching staff should comprise.
Please keep the following expectations in mind:
A minimum of 15 slides (not including title, team member page, and references slides).
A title slide with a title that clearly indicates the topic of the presentation.
A team member page with each team member’s name.
Use one basic slide design and layout.
Use charts and graphs as needed.
Limit slides to between 6 and 8 lines of content.
Use bullets for your main points.
Use speaker notes to fully explain what is being discussed in the bullet points as though you are presenting to an audience.
Use APA citations on appropriate slides.
If images are used, they should be properly referenced.
A minimum of three academic or scholarly sources (not including of the textbook) must be used.
Submitting your Assignment
Create your assignment in a PowerPoint document. Save it in a location and with a name that you will remember. Please designate one member of your team to submit the Assignment to the Unit 5 Assignment 1 Dropbox.

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