Assignment: Human Trafficking

Assignment: Human Trafficking
Assignment: Human Trafficking
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The trade involving selling of people is termed as human trafficking. The people most especially women and children are sold and engaged in forced labor, sexual abuse and slavery. It occurs within a state or even trans –nationally. It is a crime and needs to be reported to stop the violation of the people’s rights.Unfortunately, most media interpretations on human trafficking depart from the real experience the victims face (Albright, & D’Adamo,2017).
My study and analysis entails on how human trafficking in Miami is reported to the media via a newspaper. A newspaper which was published on Thursday ,9th March ,2017 gave out information about the sex of the victims involved as well as their age, number of victims, the officials who arrested the suspects involved in the actual act, the location where the action took place and how they rescued the victims involved in the trafficking. It also gave out the charges the traffickers faced.
The newspaper information seemed to look like a singular narrative since it narrated the occurrence of the incident not exactly as it was. The language used was very profound to the victim since their names were not included in the newspaper. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any public health information provided in the report.
Effective public health information should be provided to the people. An advance public nurse should be able to do a comprehensive research on the social matters that brings about human trafficking and their main causes (Lee, 2013). Information driven solutions should be provided so that the needs of the people at risk will be achieved and the vulnerable people will be freed from the situations that subject them to human trafficking. Effective services should be implemented to meet the needs of human trafficking victims and survivors.
Albright, E., & D’Adamo, K. (2017). The Media and Human Trafficking: A Discussion and Critique of the Dominant Narrative. In Human Trafficking Is a Public Health Issue (pp. 363-378). Springer International Publishing.
Lee, M. (Ed.). (2013). Human trafficking. Routledge.

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