Assignment: Incision and drainage

Assignment: Incision and drainage
Assignment: Incision and drainage
Following cases with CPT, ICD-10-CM and/or ICD-9-CM codes:
13 Incision and drainage of deep penis abscess CPT Code: ___________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: __________________)
14 Extensive destruction of penile herpetic vesicle lesions using cryosurgery
CPT Code: ___________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: __________________)
15 Biopsy of kidney with percutaneous incision by trocar for a patient with a diagnosis of microalbuminuria
CPT Code: __________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: __________________)
16 Physician providing the technical and professional component of a cystography with contrast and four views for a patient with hematuria
CPT Codes: ___________________, ___________________
ICD-10-CM Code: ________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: __________________)
17 A one-stage distal hypospadias repair with circumcision and a V-flap for meatal advancement
CPT Code: ___________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: __________________)
18 Needle biopsy with ultrasound guidance of the prostate of an 87-year-old male with an elevated PSA. The pathology results of the biopsy are negative for malignancy.
CPT Codes: ___________________, ___________________
ICD-10-CM Code: ________________
(ICD-9-CM Code: __________________)
19 Dilation with urethral dilator of a urethral stricture of male due to syphilis
CPT Code: ___________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ________________
(ICD-9-CM Codes: __________________, __________________)
20 Injection procedure for Peyronie disease CPT Code: ___________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: ______________
12 Sue Lind, age 29, has a Pap test. The pathology report comes back positive for malignancy. Her physician recommends and performs a diagnostic colposcopy. Evidence of further primary malignancy of the uterus is seen and the physician does a laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy 20 days later of a 236-gram uterus. Report only the hysterectomy and diagnosis code that indicates the medical necessity of the procedure.
CPT Code: ________________ ICD-10-CM Code: __51925 __________ (ICD-9-CM Code: _____68.3__________)
14 Oocyte retrieval for in vitro fertilization from a donor by means of a follicle puncture with radiologic assistance
CPT Code: ________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ____________ (ICD-9-CM Code: _______________)
16 Colpopexy for displaced uterus using an abdominal approach
CPT Code: ___57280_____________ ICD-10-CM Code: ____________ (ICD-9-CM Code: _______________)
18 Fitting and supply of a diaphragm with instructions for use
CPT Code(s): ________________
20 Using instrumentation, the cervical canal was dilated and examination was completed.
CPT Code: ________________
22. Colpocentesis
CPT Code: ___
Code the following cases using the CPT manual:
11 Total thyroidectomy CPT Code:
12 Surgical laparoscopy with partial adrenalectomy using a transabdominal approach
CPT Code: ____________________
13 Parathyroidectomy with mediastinal exploration
CPT Code: ____________________
14 Stereotactic creation of a thalamus lesion with multiple staging
CPT Code: ____________________
15 Torkildsen type operation with CSF shunt insertion
CPT Code: ____________________
16 Implantation of a tunneled epidural catheter for long-term administration of medication
CPT Code: ____________________
17 Partial resection of a single segment of a vertebral (cervical) body using an anterior approach with decompression of the spinal cord and nerve roots
CPT Code: ____________________
18 Therapeutic injection of the greater occipital nerve with an anesthetic agent
CPT Code: ____________________
19 Complete transection of the facial nerve CPT Code: ____________________
20 Nerve graft of a single strand of nerve, 5 cm in length, to the foot, procedure included procurement of graft
Code the following cases using the CPT, ICD-10-CM and/or ICD-9-CM manuals:
11 Excision of corneal lesion of right eye CPT Code: ____________________
12 Iridectomy with corneal section for removal of lesion from left eye
CPT Code: ___66600-LT_________________
13 Left lamellar keratoplasty with replacement of a thin layer of the cornea with donor cornea
CPT Code(s): ____________________
14 Corneal biopsy of the right eye CPT Code(s): ____________________
15 Diagnostic paracentesis of aqueous in the anterior chamber of the left eye
CPT Code: ____________________
16 A one stage, right eye ECCE with insertion of intraocular lens prosthesis using a manual technique
CPT Code: ____________________
17 A one stage ICCE of the left eye with insertion of intraocular lens prosthesis
CPT Code: ____________________
18 Iridotomy for removal of a primary lesion by means of corneal section, right
CPT Code: ____________________
19 A male patient, age 69, with type 2 diabetes and progressive diabetic retinopathy resulting in retinal hemorrhage. The physician provides three sessions of photocoagulation to his right eye over the course of 2 weeks
CPT Code: ____________________
ICD-10-CM Codes: ____________________,
(ICD-9-CM Codes: ____________________, ____________________)
20 Repair of a detached right retina by means of an encircling procedure and including scleral dissection, implant, cryotherapy, and drainage of subretinal fluid
CPT Code: ________67107____________ ICD-10-CM Code: ____________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: _______
Homework #13
19 A new patient is seen in the office for unilateral ear pain. In the expanded problem focused history and the physical examination, the physician focuses his attention on the head, ears, nose, and throat. The physician’s provisional diagnoses inc include otalgia andpossible ear infections. The decision making is straightforward for the physician.
CPT Code: ______99241______________
The patient is sent to the clinic’s radiologist for an x-ray of the ear.
CPT Code: ____________________
The patient is then sent to the clinic’s ear specialist, who inserts a ventilation tube (tympanostomy) using local anesthesia.
CPT Code: ____________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: ____________________)
20 A new patient is seen in the office for a variety of complaints, but in particular a swelling and heaviness of his right leg. The physician documents the patient’s complaints, collects a comprehensive history of the present illness, performs a comprehensive review of systems, and inquires about the patient’s past, family, and social history. A complete multisystem physical examination is performed. The physician’s working diagnosis is edema of
the lower extremity, cause to be determined. Given the nature of the problem, the physician
considers the decision-making process to be highly complex.
CPT Code: ____________________ ICD-10-CM Code: ________________ (ICD-9-CM Code: ____________________)
21A The patient is sent to radiology for a unilateral lymphangiography of one extremity due to swelling of the arm. The patient has a history of breast cancer.
CPT Code: ____________________
ICD-10-CM Codes: ________________, ________________ (ICD-9-CM Codes: ____________________, ____________________)
21B Another physician performs the injection procedure for the lymphangiography.
CPT Code: ____________________
ICD-10-CM Codes: ________________, ________________ (ICD-9-CM Codes: ____________
6. The Hematology and Coagulation subsections contain codes based on the various testing methods and tests. The method used to do the test is often the code determiner. Blood cell counts can be manual or automated,
with many variations of the tests. What would the code be for an automated blood count (hemogram) with automated differential WBC count? A manual blood count (hemogram) with manual cell count?
Automated CPT Code: ___________________
ManualCPTCode:____________3___________ Code the following three cases with the correct
pathology code from the CPT:
7 The specimen is tonsils and adenoids. The procedure is a tonsillectomy with adenoidectomy.
CPT Code(s): ___________________
8 The specimen is an appendix. The procedure is an incidental appendectomy.
CPT Code(s): ___________________
9 The specimen is a tooth. The procedure is an odontectomy, gross examination only.
CPT Code(s): ___________________
Code the following:
10 Western Blot of blood, with interpretation and report
CPT Code(s): ___________________
11 Vitamin K analysis of blood CPT Code(s): ___________________
12 Quantitative analysis of urine for alkaloids CPT Code(s): ___________________
13 Three specimens of gastric secretions for total gastric acid
CPT Code(s): ___________________
14 Blood analysis for HGH CPT Code(s): ___________________
15 Total insulin CPT Code(s): ___________________
16 LDL cholesterol using direct measurements CPT Code(s): ___________________
17 Blood count (leukocyte only): one manual cell count
CPT Code(s): ___________________
18 Blood smear interpretation CPT Code(s): ___________________
19 PTT of whole blood CPT Code(s): ___________________
20 Sedimentation rate, automated for fever and swelling in hand
CPT Code(s): ___________________
ICD-10-CM Code(s): ________________ ICD-9-CM Code(s): ___________________)
( 21 Lee and White coagulation time
CPT Code(s): ___________________
22 Clotting factor XII (Hageman factor) for excessive bleeding menopausal onset
CPT Code(s): ___________________
ICD-10-CM Code(s): ________________ ( ICD-9-CM Code(s): ___________________)
23 Blood typing for paternity test, ABO, Rh, and MN
CPT Code(s): ___________________
24 Culture of urine for bacteria with colony count for pain on urination
25 Schlichter test for complaints of leg pain and fever CPT Code(s): ___________________
ICD-10-CM Code(s): ________________ ICD-9-CM Code(s): ___________________
CPT Code(s): ___________________
27 Therapeutic drug assay for digoxin and vancomycin, patient has chronic sinus bradycardia
CPT Code(s): ___________________
ICD-10-CM Code(s): ________________ ICD-9-CM Code(s): ___________________)
ICD-10-CM Code(s): ________________ ICD-9-CM Code(s): ___________________)
26 Postmortem examination, gross only, with brain and spinal cord
CPT Code(s): ___________________
( 28 Pathology consultation during surgery
CPT Code(s): _____

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