Assignment: Increasing food consumption.

Assignment: Increasing food consumption.
Assignment: Increasing food consumption.
Assignment: How to Increase amount of food a child is consuming.
Reinforcement Procedures Paper
Consider the following scenario:
A mom is trying to increase the amount of peas that her two children eat. She uses a sticker chart to monitor the amount of peas they are consuming and rewards them based on the number of stickers they have at the end of the week. The mom has found that this works for one child, but not the other.
Write a 350- to 700-word paper discussing the following:
Identify the behavior that the mom is trying to reinforce.
Identify the method of reinforcement being used.
Explain possible reasons for this method working for one child and not the other.
Propose and outline three ideas that may work to increase pea consumption for the children, and include one method that uses negative reinforcement.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines; please be sure to use concepts and terminology from our text to address each topic. (This means you’ll need to list and cite our text as a reference.)
Addressing Issues and Challenges in Counseling
While you have only just begun your program, the readings in this unit have already provided you with perspectives about counseling as a field of study and practice. For your initial post in this discussion, consider what you have learned about counseling from the unit readings, especially the Kaplan and Gladding’s 2011 article, “A Vision for the Future of Counseling: The 20/20 Principles for Unifying and Strengthening the Profession,” and respond to the following questions:What issues do you imagine will be most challenging for you as a counselor-in-training? Why?How might online resources play a role in helping you address the challenges? Respond to this after reflecting on the work you did in this unit related to Internet resources.How did you decide on the specialization that you chose? What others did you consider, and why? Respond to this after considering the different specializations addressed both in the Counseling Masters Research Guide and in the variety of professional associations in the counseling field.How would you articulate at least two differences you have come to understand between counseling and social work and psychology, based on your review of Mellin, Hunt, and Nichols’s 2011 article, “Counselor Professional Identity: Findings and Implications for Counseling and Interprofessional Collaboration?” Why is it important to know the distinction?Response GuidelinesRead the initial posts of your follow learners, and identify at least one to respond to in detail. Compare the issues addressed by your peer to those that you chose. What concerns do you share? For which issues can you offer additional suggestions for your peer?

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