Assignment: Independent variable

Assignment: Independent variable
Assignment: Independent variable
Dr. Bischer is conducting a study to determine if men who wear a new type of soccer uniform made from a specially designed fabric will perform better in soccer matches. She recruits a professional soccer team to participate. She randomly assigns half of the men to wear the new-material uniforms made in the color blue and the other half to wear old-material uniforms made in the color red. Although the men know of the uniform test, they are not told which of the uniforms is made from the new material. They are asked to wear their assigned uniforms and score as many goals as possible in a practice game against one another. Dr. Bischer is noting the number of goals scored. Ultimately, the men who are wearing the old uniforms score more goals and therefore win the game. Dr. Bischer speculates that the new uniforms are not more beneficial to performance than the old uniforms, but she will rerun her study a few more times.
What is the independent variable in Dr. Bischer’s study?
Question options:
a) The men who did not know their roles in the study
b) The type of uniform worn—old or new material
c) The number of goals scored
d) Trying to score as many goals as possible
Question 67 1 / 1 point
In a study on sugar consumption and activity level, an artificial sweetener would be an appropriate ____________.
Question options:
a) pseudoscope
b) nocebo
c) ipsative
d) placebo
Question 68 1 / 1 point
A graph of frequency scores is known as a ____________.
Question options:
a) correlation
b) contingency table
c) distribution
d) tabulation
Question 69 1 / 1 point
5% is the most frequent choice made by psychological researchers and is referred to as the ____________.
Question options:
a) statistical inference
b) probability-level
c) variance
d) standard deviation
Question 70 1 / 1 point
The ____________ is calculated by adding all the numbers together and dividing by the number of scores in the series.
Question options:
a) standard deviation
b) mean
c) median
d) mode
Question 71 1 / 1 point
The feeling of being in love is attributed to:
Question options:
a) subjective consciousness.
b) objective consciousness.
c) psychic consciousness.
d) intelligence.
Question 72 1 / 1 point
The limited capacity to process information that is under conscious control refers to:
Question options:
a) encoding.
b) reasoning.
c) chunking.
d) attention.
Question 73 1 / 1 point
Susanne is in an unresponsive condition though she can open her eyes. This suggests that she is in a ________ state.
Question options:
a) hemiplegic
b) quadriplegic
c) vegetative
d) catatonic
Question 74 1 / 1 point
Which of the following tests is used to study sustained attention?
Question options:
a) Raven’s Progressive Matrices Test
b) Stanford-Binet Test
c) Continuous Performance Test (CPT)
d) Stroop Test

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