Assignment: Individual in synchronization

Assignment: Individual in synchronization
Assignment: Individual in synchronization
When an individual engages in synchronization, he/she:
Question options:
a) has a conscious experience.
b) has a subconscious experience.
c) hallucinates.
d) becomes unconscious.
Question 120 1 / 1 point
The body’s biological clock is located in the:
Question options:
a) thalamus.
b) pineal gland.
c) hypothalamus.
d) pituitary gland.
Question 121 1 / 1 point
How many stages are there to non-REM sleep?
Question options:
a) four
b) three
c) five
d) six
Question 122 1 / 1 point
Why does sleep enhance learning and memory?
Question options:
a) It increases hormonal growth in the brain.
b) It increases polyclonal response in the brain.
c) It increases humoral growth in the brain.
d) It increases neural growth in the brain.
Question 123 1 / 1 point
Which of the following is released in the brain when one feels sociable and affectionate?
Question options:
a) endorphin
b) dopamine
c) estrogen
d) serotonin
Question 124 1 / 1 point
Which of the following is considered a field of applied psychology?
Question options:
a) Organizational psychology
b) Human factors psychology
c) Personnel psychology
d) All of the above
Applied Psychology: Personnel Psychology
Question 125 1 / 1 point
Which of the following assessment tools is considered a primary means of evaluating job applicants and a stronger predictor of productivity?
Question options:
a) Structured interviews
b) Projective tests
c) Unstructured interviews
d) Handwriting tests
Question 126 1 / 1 point
When appraisal ratings are based on the employee’s most current performance and not performance throughout the year, it is possible that the appraisal may have contained what?
Question options:
a) Halo biases
b) Leniency biases
c) Recency biases
d) Severity biases
Question 127 1 / 1 point
Of the following employees, who is most likely “job satisfied?”
Question options:
a) Avery: has not missed a day of work but is unproductive
b) Pete: has missed ten days of work and experienced one accident that kept him out of the work environment for ten days
c) Jim: has not missed a day of work in the last 3 years and has not experienced a work related accident
d) Bellamy: has missed two weeks and wants to resign from the job
Question 128 1 / 1 point
Which of the following characteristics is associated with job satisfaction?
Question options:
a) Low absenteeism
b) An increase in productivity
c) Experiences fewer work related accidents
d) All of the choices are characteristics associated with job satisfaction
Question 129 1 / 1 point
Jerry has difficulty reading the dashboard controls on his new car. According to a human factors psychologist, Jerry has a problem with _______________.
Question options:
a) voice effects
b) intelligence tests
c) simulated tasks
d) usability
Question 130 1 / 1 point
Environmental psychologists have identified “at risk” behaviors among persons from developing countries. Which of the following are “at risk” behaviors?
Question options:
a) They exhaust planet resources and do not replace them
b) They display poor agricultural techniques
c) They pollute water supplies
d) All of the above

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