Assignment: Informatics or Healthcare Policy

Assignment: Informatics or Healthcare Policy
Assignment: Informatics or Healthcare Policy
Assignment: Informatics or Healthcare Policy
Week 8 discussion Course Reflection and Future Application Throughout the discussions occurring within NR501, a common element has been application of theory. In this our last discussion regarding theory, it is time to focus on you and your capstone experience (yes, it is never too early consider this major project!). While it is too early to identify your project, let’s consider on your future practice area as this is the setting your project will occur in. Based upon your self-reflection and use of nursing theory within the discussions and assignments, select ONE nursing theory that you prefer and answer the following questions: 1. Why do you prefer the nursing theory you selected? 2. How can this theory be used in your current practice area (education, executive, advanced clinical practice, informatics, or healthcare policy)? 3. How can this theory be used in your future practice area (education, executive advanced clinical practice, informatics or healthcare policy)?
Health informatics, sometimes known as healthcare informatics, has grown as an evolving science with the expansion of electronic health records (EHRs) and health data analytics systems. It has also grown with the establishment of health data exchange standards, such as HL7 (health Level 7) and FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) and clinical health terminology sets like SNOMED CT.
Clinical informatics
Clinical informatics is used in direct patient care by supplying physicians, nurses, physical therapists, aides and other caregivers with information that can be used to develop a care plan. Clinical informaticists analyze data or medical images or help clinicians to retrieve that information.
They can also develop interfaces to health IT systems to help clinical caregivers more easily view and use health data.
Nursing informatics
Nursing informatics is another kind of health informatics that encompasses nurses’ interactions with health IT systems. The field has become more important as most healthcare systems and physician practice facilities have put their patient records online and entrusted their nursing teams to handle transition-of-care situations in their EHRs.
Nursing informatics specialists try to accurately document transitions of care — for example, when a patient is going from an ambulatory setting to a hospital setting, or from a hospital to a rehabilitation center. Often, this is required by Medicare or private insurance reimbursement program criteria.
As with clinical informatics, nursing informatics is still growing as an educational field in which students can receive academic certificates and degrees.

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