Assignment: Information Literacy

Assignment: Information Literacy
Assignment: Information Literacy
Write a 500- to 750-word paper in which you create an imaginary assessment interview between a case manager and a client from a specific population of your choice.
Include the followingin your assessment interview:
· A brief introduction
· A beginning, middle, and end of the interview process as outlined in Ch. 2 of The Helping Process
· A discussion on confidentiality
· A strengths-based approach
· Active listening and questioning skills
· Responding skills, including minimal responses, paraphrasing, reflection, clarification, and summarizing
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
BSHS/395 Week 2 Individual Assignment The Interview Process
Knowing how to thoroughly research a topic is extremely important while achieving your education. You may be asked to support your information with peer-reviewed scholarly resources, but how can you find this type of resource? The Ashford University Library allows you to search through different avenues to find the requested types of resources. You can narrow your search by the author, year published, title, subject, and also by indicating what type of resource you are looking for. You even have access to a librarian if you need some guidance in finding more resources on your topic.
In a two- to three-paragraph response
Describe your experiences using resources, including concerns encountered when conducting academic research through the Ashford University Library. Areas of concern may include developing a research strategy, using the search function within a database, or evaluating sources.
Explain how using the Ashford University Library has improved your experience in conducting research.
The response must be formatted according to APA style. Each paragraph should be at least five sentences. For information regarding APA, including samples and tutorials, visit the
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