Assignment: Nursing Evolution All Together

Assignment: Nursing Evolution All Together ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Nursing Evolution All Together I will upload the nursing evolutions, just one paragraph for each class For Fundamental I don’t have it Summary paper of program not of each term From Novice to Beginning Professional Nurse: Assignment: Nursing Evolution All Together Your nursing evolution reflects ways you have evolved in nursing school. Reflect on all your BSN courses, in which you write a detailed paragraph. Provide evidence of growth in each course. Describe growth and development in becoming a professional nurse after each nursing core course. Reflect on ways courses, especially concurrent running classes, support one another. Synthesize theories and concepts into clinical settings applied to human experiences. Apply multicultural literacy. Reflect on holistic patient care. Format each course as major text headings per the APA manual. Review the rubric for more information on how your paper will be graded. Upload as an attachment in the assignment area. attachment_1 attachment_2 attachment_3 attachment_4 attachment_5 Nursing Evolution [Your Name] [class name: number] 15 th of October 2018 [Professor Name] Evolution as a Nurse In the past years which I spent on my training to become a nurse, I managed to learn new things and have a better understanding of how everything works. In my opinion, the entire medical system is designed in such a way it is impossible to really understand it until you combine both theoretical and clinical classes. Even so, I still believe that the nursing care concept is continuously changing so even when we graduate we continue being students. During these years I managed to have a better understanding of a variety of nursing concept. For today’s paper, I selected to discuss only two of them which had the largest impact on myself and on my career. The first of them is the self-concept which represents the basis of self-understanding. In my opinion, it is impossible to perform a quality job as long as you don’t have an understanding of who you really are in the medical system and how your actions can impact the others. During the clinical classes, I saw a situation in which one of the other students started crying after discussing with each patient about their pathologies. That proved a lack of self-awareness because a nurse must be able to see herself or himself as a provider of care and act as one. On the other hand, this also helps the patient because a nurse who is self-aware is also capable of determining different types of behavior in the other patients. It is generally accepted that the nurse has a big effect on the way the patient understand his or her diseases. Because of that, the care provided needs to remain positive, try to build a trusting relationship with the patient and always be aware of any body expressions that could be a big indicator of what is going on with the patient. (Zamanzadeh,Valizadeh.,Gargari, 2016) The second concept was in regard to the therapeutic use of self. This refers to the fact that the nurse is able to use aspects from his or her personality and experiences in order to establish a relationship with the patient. A patient who does not trust his or her nurse will most likely try to avoid her during the hospitalization. During my clinical classes, I frequently saw cases in which the patient kept on telling us that they don’t want to ask for help from that nurse because she is mean and that they are waiting for the other one to come. This proves a lack of therapeutic use of self. I discovered that there are 4 criteria that characterize this technique: making yourself available by showing interest, active listening, exploring by asking further questions when needed and giving broad openings which allow the patient to choose .( Koloroutis,2014) Before I started studying nursing I had no idea what is the meaning of holistic health. After that I found out that it means focusing on the whole person rather than just on the pathology itself. What I also managed to find out is that there are 4 major elements that need to be taken into consideration: intellect, physics, emotions, and spirit. In this case, the role of the nurse is to become a partner with the patient and try to find ways to keep him safe mentally by creating a lasting relationship. Another thing that I learned is that medicine is an inter-collaborative work environment. It is impossible to practice medicine in a single field. For example, when we interview a patient with diabetes we found out that she was also scheduled for a visit to the cardiologist and also to the ophthalmologist. This is because in most of the cases there are multiple pathologies or a single pathology can have multiple complications that need to be treated. Even in the case of nurses, the ones who are working in the department needs to be in touch with the ones working in the surgical room in order to know what happened with the patient and what approach should be followed. The last lesson i learnt is in term of nursing leadership. The role of the nurse leader is to organize work, motivate the personal and provide an environment of high morale. The best example was during one of my classes when we had the chance to meet the nurse leader and discuss with her about her duties. Without the presence of a leader the entire staff would be disorganized which would affect the quality of care and also the work flow. Overall I managed to learn many new things during my years of training but i am convinced that many more lessons awaits me. References Koloroutis M .,(2014), The therapeutic use of self: developing three capacities for a more mindful practice,PMID: 25000734 Zamanzadeh, V., Valizadeh, L., Badri Gargari, R., Ghahramanian, A., Jabbarzadeh Tabriz, F., & Crowley, M. (2016). Nursing Students’ Understanding of the Concept of Self-Esteem: a Qualitative Study. Journal of Caring Sciences, 5(1), 33–41. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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