Assignment: Nursing VIP Support

Assignment: Nursing VIP Support
Assignment: Nursing VIP Support
Number of Pages: 1 (Double Spaced) Number of sources: 3 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Essay Category: Nursing VIP Support: N/A Language Style: English (U.S.) Order Instructions: ATTACHED T. R. (a 23-year-old female) presents to the local health clinic with complaints of two red, scaly patches on her Right arm. HPI: Started about two weeks ago. She states that the first lesions appeared to be poison ivy. After the vesicles cleared, the itching and scaling remained. She now has new lesions over her left eyebrow, and a small patch appears over her right upper lip. She states that the lesions have not cleared with over-the-counter medications. She believes she has used steroid cream, antibacterial cream, and anti-itch cream. Questions What other questions regarding her HPI would you like to ask? What additional history would you like to obtain from R.H? (Be comprehensive in this response; you have no past medical history for this client.) This is how the rash appears on physical examination: skin rash (SEE PICTURE).. RINGWORM, AKA TINEA CORPORIS What specifically would you assess for on physical exam? How would you document the lesions? What characteristics would you look for or questions would you ask to ascertain risk of skin cancer? What education would you provide related to skin cancer health promotion and screening guidelines? ** Please refer to picture attachment for review. Provide response with references. All references must be within 5 years of publication and in APA format.
Care for celebrities and VIPs
The Pulse Nursing at Home team is acutely aware of the sensitivity and flexibility required by high-profile individuals, and they strive relentlessly to deliver the greatest level of private care.
Our team can meet a wide range of care needs, including:
Flight escorts are someone who accompany a passenger on a flight.
Our experts can provide a customised package of care whether you’re traveling within or outside of the UK, ensuring comfort and secrecy without compromising your health.
In-home complex care
Our nurses and support workers can provide a variety of complex care options after spending time with each client to design a bespoke package of care.
The staff has a plethora of experience with the most complicated of demands, ranging from recent accidents to lifetime problems, and is well-positioned to provide a high-quality, confidential service.
Care given on the spot
The Pulse Nursing at Home staff is here to assist you, even if you only need short-term care.
Our nurses and support staff can provide discreet and quick medication delivery, wound care, IV antibiotics, and more.

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