Assignment: Patient & Staff Satisfaction via Nursing Staff Professional DEV

Assignment: Patient & Staff Satisfaction via Nursing Staff Professional DEV ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Patient & Staff Satisfaction via Nursing Staff Professional DEV Ho tutor, this is the presentation for the project paper you’ve been working on. I have attached a Power point example, rubric, instructions and the whole entire paper. Its only 10 slides required. I am very thankful for your help this semester. attachment_1 attachment_2 attachment_3 attachment_4 NURS 473: Professional Pathways Final Capstone Presentation The day to showcase your project!!! This note offers some further guidance and suggestions about developing your presentations. Web Conferencing. If you have not used the web conferencing system before and would still like to give it a whirl, please engage in a test session. I would be delighted to hold a few individual test sessions so you can see how it works. The sessions would be very short (15 minutes…) because web conferencing is very easy to use! Please let me know by e-mail if this interests you–and send a few times that would work. PowerPoint Presentations. You must attend at least 2 peer presentations! They can be any presentations of y our choice! SMU NURS 473 Patient & Staff Satisfaction via Nursing Staff Professional DEV PPT The time you have for the presentation is 20 minutes—so choose 3 or (NO more than) 4 ideas that you want to get across to y our audience and focus on those ideas. WHOA —you’ve been working on your project all semester, HOW to narrow it? I would suggest reviewing y our go al and objectives as you start considering this. A suggested set of PPT topics is posted to give you ideas — feel free to vary from this if you wish. ONLY a summary! You will be synthesizing and summarizing the information you have learned and wish to present. You want your audience to listen to what you are saying—and not focused on reading the PPT. I use a guideline of 6 x 6. Keep PPTs to no more than 6 lines/slide and 6 words/line. These are to enhance your discussion, so you do NOT read them. You can certainly put everything you want to say in the ‘notes’ area but NOT on the slide. Graphics need to be non-distracting but can really enhance the aesthetics of the presentation. The days’ presentations are scheduled–and a ‘Program’ will be developed with your topical statement and time/name that you all are presenting. This includes all sections of N473, so there are a wide number of students presenting (depending on the semester). Please SHARE it with your family, colleagues, mentor and others who might be interested. Each student will sign into the web conferencing system to listen to others and then, do their own presentation, as scheduled. Faculty and students from both sections of N473 will be attending most of the presentations to assist, ask questions, etc. I will be present for each of your presentations! We are both very eager to hear about your work! You are encouraged to use your camera and remember to SMILE! ?? As always, please approach this with a positive attitude–this is a learning experience and gives you a chance to showcase what you have learned/done! Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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