Assignment: Research Methodology Research

Assignment: Research Methodology Research ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON : Research Methodology Research All requirements within files attached words counts: 1600-2000 words The file name ” chapter 3? have the points need to be included within the writing. Assignment: Research Methodology Research The files name ” chapter 1? have my topic and the progress i made and i want chapter 3 writing according to it. The file name ” helping file” is Only to observe and getting way of the Writing, you must NOT copy any thing from it. I have done a survey and it will be attached later to help more Similarity must be less than 5% Turintin report is needed chapter_3_research_methodology_outline.pdf chapter_1.docx helping_file.docx Chapter 1 Background of the Study In light of the modern technological revolution at the beginning of this century. Illustrated importance of using modern technologies and technical and technical systems that achieve a goal or help in producing goods or providing services in various private and governmental sectors is clear.In the field of business, many companies use many systems that often contribute significantly to the diminishing work strain, speed of delivery, and saving money and time.The ERP system is undoubtedly one of the best-integrated systems at the moment. The system easily integrates with all computers and communication devices used by employees. The system supports continuous communication between the various departments in the organization.The system directly enters into inventory management operations through distributing items, obtaining daily reports for inventory operations, and ease of preparing items in groups to achieve balance and management. The system also provides control over all storage operations, for review and dispatch to the Procurement Management Department and other departments concerned with financial Accounts.The importance of inventory management is mainly to reduce storage costs, which is a real investment and guaranteed to achieve 30% of the capital value. The purpose of this research is to know the effect of the ERP system on inventory management in Oman LNG. Oman LNG is a company that is one of the largest government companies and was established in 1994.The main office of the company is located in Muscat and the factory is located in the wilayat of Tire in the South Governorate. The company provides activities and operations for the liquefaction and sale of natural gas and its derivatives from gas condensers in addition to storage and marketing operations . Assignment: Research Methodology Research Statement of the Research Problem “ERP inventory management ,It is an abbreviation of the correlation of the inventory management process with the institutional resource planning. This correlation refers to the operations that combine both logistics services and operations and inventory with the system represented in the enterprise resource planning”(2019 Miller). Regarding the above statement, It is clear how the ERB system relates to inventory management. How to determine the effectiveness of the system in the inventory, classification and management processes. In this paper, it is clear to us how the system affects the level of operations related to inventory management. Aims and Objectives of the Study Aims The aim of this project is to Find out the impact of the ERP system on stock management in Oman LNG . Objectives The objectives in this research are to:- Study the effectiveness of using the ERP inventory management system in Oman LNG Company. Identify opportunities and challenges facing Oman LNG Company using ERP inventory management. Make recommendations for better use of ERP inventory management system. Scope of the Study This research will be conducted at Oman LNG Company located in Muscat. The research requires obtaining the best results and conclusions and answering the research questions with all available resources. The necessary information is obtained through a questionnaire, which is randomly distributed to 50 individuals from the IT and Operations departments. Individuals will be from different job stages in order to achieve the maximum benefit. This survey will obtain important information from many different perspectives.The interview will be present, to obtain accurate information and more detailed by conducting an interview with an employee who used the ERP inventory management program.All data will be collected from both the questionnaire and the interview and transferred to the analysis and summary stage to conduct this research more accurately and clearly.This research will be completed in July . Assignment: Research Methodology Research Significance of the Study Certainly, this research will have positive results for many individuals and institutions. The greatest benefit is that the researcher obtained through research and analysis of information is the acquisition of skills and experience in research work, Increasing the researcher’s opportunity to obtain useful knowledge and working relationships in the educational and practical process. Gain confidence, self-reliance, confrontation and overcoming.The clear effect on the educational institution comes through the participation of colleagues and educational staff information and points that were acquired during the work of the research, the research becomes a scientific tool developed in the private library, the educational institution to be a reference for researchers in the coming years.The impact of the research extends to the chosen company, as this research allowed to obtain effective reviews and recommendations for improvement and development Limitation of the Study Notwithstanding completing the research and obtaining all the information that contributed to conducting the research well, some restrictions have limited access to data in a smooth manner. The conditions that the world was going through because of the new krona virus, which affected the limited access to data that is usually available in normal times, where it became difficult to obtain books from the library and rely on a high percentage of books available in the electronic library. The effect of the virus on the time of the company’s visit to conduct the questionnaire and interview. Time is one of the restrictions that affected the delivery time of the research, as the research was expected to be carried out in 14 weeks, to become due to the exceptional conditions of 8 weeks, as the researcher is related to other work for the same period. Operational Definition of Terms Inventory management: It is the supervision of the non-capitalized assets (inventory) located in the organization’s warehouses (Rouse 2011). ERP System: An integrated system that integrates the basic functions of business operations into a unified system.Assignment: Research Methodology Research Structure of the Research Chapters What the Chapter About Chapter 1 Include the introduction to the project, presents a statement of the problem and basic information for the research, research objectives and limitations of the researcher . Chapter 2 The reviews include many of the various literature that has been accessed. This chapter provides a clearer picture of the topic chosen for the research. Chapter 3 Clarify the methods that were adopted in collecting the necessary data. A detailed explanation of each method, with an explanation of the reasons for choosing each method. Chapter 4 This chapter presents the researcher’s diligence in analyzing the data obtained by the research tools he used. Data and analysis are presented in different ways. Chapter 5 The researcher provides a summary of what was discussed in the research. This chapter also includes recommendations and instructions. The research deals with five chapters covering the requirements of the research questions. See the table below Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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